12 Best Restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2022

You can also order food types that are not found on your average menu such as blood sausages or octopus salad. Courtesy Mario PaganWe also found time to visit Pagan’s original namesake restaurant in nearby Condado, serving up, in their words, “sexy modern Puerto Rican cuisine” in a contemporary, tropical-inflected setting. More recently, he collaborated with his friend and fellow celebrity chef José Andres on creating awareness and support for World Central Kitchen and Chefs For Puerto Rico. The menu features items like tostones, mofongo, pasteles, and other meat-centered dishes that will have you drooling.

The Pineapple Coconut French Toast are a must have…delicious! Brioche Bread Coconut Milk French Toasts is amazing and the 2 Nueces coffee is great. Please trust me and go with Salmon Croque Madame and French Toast with Nutella and fruits. These recommendations were updated on August 20, 2021 to keep your travel plans fresh.

Many people come here to celebrate their birthday because they know the food and drinks are top-notch. If you’re looking for something lighter, you can enjoy cocktails and tapas. If your stomach’s really growling, they also offer larger entrees. There’s just something about a classic Italian restaurant to satisfy you after a long day of exploring San Juan. When you’re craving a bowl of pasta or other traditional Italian dishes, the best place in San Juan is Sofia’s Old San Juan.

I should also mention the café is rated #1 on Trip Advisor. You can start your meal with escargot, curry popcorn chicken, or something else before moving on to your entree. As for the entrees, great options include lacon Asado, seafood fresh from the sea, or their soup of the day. Your server will be able to help you pair the perfect wine with whatever you order, or you can go with a classic cocktail.

Courtesy Condado Ocean ClubCondado Ocean Club is also home toSOCIAL, which has quickly become a favorite for stylish dining both indoors and out. Sleek and whitewashed with pops of nautical blue and luxe amenities like custom bar cabinets, the rooms are soothing and make you feel at one with the sea. And of course there’s an expansive sun deck with private cabanas next to an infinity pool on the main level. There’s never been a better time to visit San Juan, thanks to stylish boutique hotels and elite eateries. The chinchorros run from roadside stalls serving pig on a spit and beer to polished fine diners with manicured gardens, wine cellars, and cocktail programs. Calichi Gastrobar is perched high on a mountain overlooking Naranjito.

Its menu features entirely organic, natural, fresh and local products. The vegan options and assortment of artisan breads are also worth tasting. This small restaurant located in the neighborhood Isla Verde offers a rich variety of breakfast, lunch and, of course, brunch.

Pull up a seaside seat at the Mojito Bar for a soothing refresher. A boutique café in the heart of Condado boasts of having the best brunch in the area. Their intimate, low-light setting makes for a deluxe experience, and their menu will make breakfast feel like fine dining. Order their special scrambled eggs with skirt steak, chicken waffles with guava bbq, or their tuna tartare huevos rancheros. Their menu also includes French toast sticks, breakfast potatoes, and even arroz mamposeato as a side for the classic-yet-sleek eaters.

Waffle-era Tea Room,Caficultura, an, La Bombonera are all excellent breakfast spots. For us, we landed atCafé Cuatro Sombraswhere we had tasty breakfast sandwiches with a cup of Puerto Rican coffee. Well let us say that you will not have a shortage of restaurants to choose from when visiting San Juan. Delightfully tender, the fluffy nude resort puerto rico banana coconut pancakes are naturally sweet and incredibly light. Gladys tells us, “I’m blessed to be able to serve good food in a beautiful setting such as this,” outstretching her arms along with the panorama. – The place is a Creole restaurant that has been serving locals and visitors to Old San Juan for around 60 years.

Most of their food is served on beautiful timber boards, and everything looks equally as tasty as it actually is. You can tell they give a lot of attention to the way food is presented. To kick off our list of best San Juan food spots is an Old San Juan food staple.La Bombonerarestaurant was first opened in 1902 and is one of the oldest restaurants in Puerto Rico. From the best restaurants in San Juan to local favorites, we have an ultimate foodies guide to San Juan below.

Located in a beautiful setting overlooking the pool, Caña by Juliana is located inside the newly renovated El San Juan Hotel. Chef Juliana Gonzalez shares her passion for local flavors with a blended brunch menu with authentic native flavors. Each dish invites guests to celebrate our traditions, using the best locally sourced ingredients. That’s because the concept of a “desalmuerzo”—a meal that combines breakfast and lunch—just didn’t make sense to Spanish speakers, particularly Puerto Ricans, until fairly recently.