16 Moments That Help You Know Your Partner Is Ride Or Die

Being in a ride or die relationship can have some serious consequences, that outweigh the benefits, so take a look below at some of the major downfalls of being a “ride or die” chick. It comes from 1950s biker slang; the phrase originally meaning that if a biker couldn’t ride, then he’d rather die. This has changed over the years however, the new meaning relating to relationships between people.

Ride or die love quotesCouples always ride or die for each other. Same as in real life, a loyal wife protects her husband through good and evil. If you fall in love with a girl and somehow she found herself in trouble and that time she recalls is uber in puerto rico to her mind about her love . Obviously, in trouble, she expects something for her lover and tell her about her problem and look at you for help. At that time, you must help her because you love her from the inner-cores of your heart.

Even though they never married, one could surely say the other is their “ride or die.” What “ride or die” means today has almost nothing to do with what it originally meant. You cook together or find interesting, unique activities to try out together. You also likely have amazing sexual chemistry that is very unique to the two of you. It’s all about your excitement to be partnered and ability to look at every day as an adventure.

One person does all the dying, while the other gets to do all the riding, often disregarding the other’s needs in the process. By the same token, if your boyfriend isn’t your ride or die – or a good boyfriend – then you need to reevaluate your relationship. Your boyfriend is also your ride or die if he allows you to grow and change on your own terms. On the other hand, a healthy boyfriend is someone who helps to build your confidence and does everything in their power to make sure that you’re happy.

Two of my friend breakups shook me and forced me to take accountability for the ways I was also responsible for repeating similar toxic ride-or-die cycles because I was not learning the same lessons. But now I’ve learned that riding-or-dying for my friends, especially when there’s no balance, no communication, and no true reciprocity, isn’t healthy, either. Whether you love the famous couple or not, it’s clear that the ride or die trope normalizes unhealthy behaviors and rewards people for staying in unhealthy relationships where they are routinely neglected and mistreated by their partner. This can be especially harmful to black women who are disproportionally impacted by unhealthy and abusive relationships. Despite this, celebrity couples continue to use the ride or die/ Bonnie and Clyde trope in music and videos.

Your “ride or die” bae might just be on the horizon, cruising on their motorcycle, heading straight for you. Outside of the thrill of your relationship and the chemistry you share together, your “ride or die” bae has a permanent presence in your life. You don’t feel like they could be gone tomorrow or that there’s a level or rockiness to your connection.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this phrase really goes back to the west, Margaret. I watch a lot of reality shows, and the contestants usually talk about having a “ride or die.” This surely proves that a “ride or die” relationship can develop into something much more. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham are each other’s “ride or die.” They have been in a serious relationship for over 36 years.

If you’re dating someone who would do anything for you, go anywhere with you, and generally be by your side through it all, it’s possible that you’ve found your ride or die. This phrase can mean a lot of things to different folks, and many types of relationships can be ride or die. It can feel pretty amazing to know someone has your back in this way. The popularization of the term “ride-or-die chick” did not enter mainstream hip-hop until The Lox released a duet with Eve, “Ryde or Die, Bitch,” on the 2000 album We Are the Streets. To reclaim a positive version of ride-or-die culture, we have to decolonize our relationships by speaking and practicing love.