2 Seam vs 4 Seam Fastball: Which One is the Best?

Leading the coach and player to determine the best path forward. With the “close grip,” the index and middle fingers are placed side by side and directly on the center of the ball. Some of the hardest pitches to hit are when they are inside.

If you have a fastball that moves and one that you can spot, you have a better chance against any hitter. The four-seam fastball is the more basic of the two grips and is easier to throw. When you release the ball, the batter will see only one pair of horizontal seams spinning towards him. It is important to have a low release position and pitching course, because even a sinking four-seam or slow straight pitch can increase the value. The slower-than-average group ( km/h) basically has a lower Whiff%.

Faster than a slider but with more movement than a fastball. Tilt and ball position – an inward or outward tilt or a lateral shift towards the pinky/glove side. We only typically see this is pitchers are trying to embrace more of a cut fastball profile. Another variable to consider is whether to place the fingers on-seam or off-seam. First, we’ll review some of the minor variations that pitchers use when they throw a four-seam fastball. Rapsodo device, the movement plots below visualize where you’d see a four-seam fastball fall on the horizontal and vertical break plot.

If you believe adding velocity could be critical to your success, check out my conditioning and throwing programs for baseball pitchers of all ages. To implement maximum backspin and velocity, a loose grip is essential because it minimizes “friction” between your hand and the baseball. Less friction will result in a quicker release of the ball. The “horseshoe seam” should face into your ring finger of your throwing hand… I call it the horseshoe seam simply because the seam itself looks like the shape of a horseshoe. The two-seam fastball is a great pitch to use if you are ahead in the count.

If the other conditions are the same, a lower release height is best for the four-seam and a higher zone is best for the strike zone. If the pitch is thrown high, the risk of hitting the ball is lower. If the pitch is in the same zone, a lower release height is more valuable to the pitcher. There are many reasons to choose a 4 seam fastball over a 2 seamer . It is called a 4 seam because as the ball rotates when thrown, 4 of its seams are spinning against the air. This makes the ball more aerodynamic allowing it to cut through the air and get from point A to point B.

A curve ball from a right-handed pitcher will break away from a right-handed hitter and in on a left-handed hitter. A modified version of straight fastball pitch is a 2 seam fastball. The velocity of this pitch is pretty fast and this ball has a late-breaking action due to variable pressure applied on the ball by index and middle fingers. To grip the two seam fastball, place your index and middle finger along the 2 seams of the baseball. Put slightly more grip on your index finger when the pitch is thrown to help exaggerate the movement from the baseball.

If you rotate the ball 360 degrees towards home plate from this position, you can count the four seams; hence, a four-seam grip. For smaller hands, it is switch hitters hobbies natural to use three fingers on the seam. The four-seam fastball is a great pitch for maintaining control and throwing with velocity to your target.

Hold the ball tighter and closer to your palm, and throw at full velocity. The name two-seam comes from the two horizontal seams that appear spinning towards the batter. The four-seam fastball is perhaps the most common pitch and the first baseball pitching grip that beginners learn. This pitching grip is fast but also gives the pitchers greater control on where they place the pitch. Now that we have looked at every step needed to throw a perfect four seam fastball, it’s time for you to get out there and practice this throw. Practice makes a good pitcher great and getting some time under your belt with each pitch is only going to make you better.