9 Best Tampons for Swimming Tampons You Can Wear to the Beach and Pool

Some types of period-proof swimwear can absorb up to 2 teaspoons of menstrual fluid. For reference, a normal tampon is usually able to hold about 1 teaspoon of menstrual blood. Low-intensity exercise like swimming can actually help to relieve menstrual cramps . During exercise, your body releases endorphins that act as natural painkillers and give you an increased feeling of well-being. Research also shows that swimming can reduce premenstrual syndrome .

Hit the pool or the beach and be protected with the period swimwear able to hold up to 10ml or 2 tampons’ worth of fluid. A lot of period underwear is made from cotton and absorbent microfiber polyester, with some nylon or elastane thrown in for stretch and durability, Zuckerman and Moyers noted. Period swimwear is the latest happening in the world of reusable period protection. If you’ve ever tried period pants, you’ll know all about the life-changing powers of period products that don’t require awkward public toilet tampon changes . Leak-proof swimwear is here to bring the same sorcery to your holiday this summer – and we’re over the moon about it. If you love a classic, our Recycled One Piece is perfect for both pool parties and setting a new personal best on your lap time.

Avoid using a pad while swimming if your period is very heavy. Avoid swimming on your period if it makes you uncomfortable. No one can make you swim on your period if you’re not comfortable doing it. If you’re young, most adults will understand if you tell them. You can just say you’re not feeling well if you’re too embarrassed to say you’re on your period.

Menstrual products have come a long way with the invention of tampons, menstrual cups and period underwear that have transformed people’s lives by making them more comfortable during their cycles. For those who either bahamas february weather don’t want to wear a tampon or menstrual cup while swimming or just want extra protection, period swimwear is a great new option. Disposable and reusable pads are a big no-no if you’re planning a dip in the water.

Every time you get out of the pool, change your pad so that you will still be protected. Keep in mind, though, that it may be difficult to stick a new pad on since you’ll be putting it on a wet bathing suit. You’ll love our beautifully crafted bras, panties, nightwear & accessories.

Underwear labeled as “leakproof” without mention of absorbency are likely intended to be used as a backup to other period products such as pads, cups, or tampons. Period Shop is an Australian owned an operated business. We stock a range of period products including menstrual cups, prolapse sponges and carefully curated pleasure products. So to be safe, you’ll likely want to wear some sort of feminine care product. When it comes to the best one to use when swimming, it really comes down to personal preference.

Our panties include period boxers, period hipsters, and also full coverage period panties in different colours and designs. They have the capacity to soak the flow 2x more than a normal sanitary pad, and therefore, are also greatly cost-efficient. How to shop for period underwearPeriod underwear is usually offered in three absorption levels for light, moderate or heavy flows. Modibodi period swimwear is created using an innovative outer fabric layer that dries three times faster than typical swimwear for a flattering and functional pair of bathers. Our unique Swimwear Technology absorbs odours, light to moderate bleeding and light bladder leaks, making them the perfect option for a light to moderate flow. This depends on the flow and the other products you’re using along with the menstrual panties.

They’re notorious for moving around during the night and leaking. These overnight pads from U by Kotex still have the bulkiness you’d expect in a maxi pad, but they’re an effective solution to taming a heavy or irregular flow. The brand claims these provide up to 12 hours of protection, though you should change your pad more frequently. Because pads absorb water, they become less effective when you’re swimming.