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This file is now available as an instant download after purchase! At the end of the checkout process, you will automatically get the download link so you can immediately have access to the files. As with the crown, the variety of brim styles (width, with a pencil roll like the one here -or-without), make your hat unique. Making headgear out of lightweight, straw-like material has been a tradition in almost every society in history. So, of course the tradition was adopted during the Wild West era, as an answer to the sweltering desert heat.

Just ask Matt Triplett, the 24-year-old Montanan currently in fourth in the PBR world standings. The first year he made it to the finals in Las Vegas, all he had with him was a straw hat, and it was officially felt season—a faux pas in can you play vanguard zombies split screen line with white after Labor Day. A typical western shirt has mother of pearl snap fasteners, two breast pockets, and a v-shaped motif. This can be composed of leather or cotton (including DriLex®) depending on the style of the hat.

These were frequently accessorised with kippy belts featuring metal conchos and large belt buckles. This brim is typically combined with a pinch front crown and is less wide than the average cowboy hat brim. Usually it has one side rolled up slightly to give an asymmetrical look. Felt hats are part of a more classic cowboy look, and can be dressed up or down. They can be made of wool or animal fur, dyed any color, and are great protection from moisture and cold. When it comes to hats, there are so many fabrics that can be used to make them.

It tends to have a flatter profile when looking at it from the side and is made in just about every material. The one distinct feature that defines the Gambler hat is the large oval shaped crown. Most are just rounded in the middle but a slight pinch at the center can also be found similar to that of an optimo style. While I have seen both spellings of the word in many different catalogs and Internet sites, the more common and proper seems to be the “boonie” variation. This style, originally made popular in the Vietnam War is comprised most often of cotton/twill/polyester/canvas and is a soft wide brimmed hat that can be rolled up and easily packed. It features a flat crown on top, a wide floppy brim, a chinstrap, and sometimes has sewn-in loops around the crown to stow small pieces of gear.

But before you do, check out our hat size guide to make sure you get the right fit and consult our guide on how to find the right hat for your face shape. Now that you know what the crown of a hat is, you’ll want to brush up on the most popular crown shapes. Crease — A crease is a dip or indent along the length of the crown. A cattleman-style cowboy hat, like our Coronado and Tuscon, will have three parallel creases. Cotton hats are usually quite durable and often packable and crushable. They come in a wide variety of colors and are usually softer.

To a hatter, this is the crowning showpiece and should be proportional to your face. The indentations on the side are the creases and their varieties are almost limitless. Whether it’s to provide shade, offer comfort, or simply look good, the different parts of a hat contribute to the overall experience.