All Collectibles and Collectibles Map Halo Infinite Wiki Guide

Halo Infiniteis the first game in the series to feature an open world. Players can take on side quests, participate in secondary activities, and even learn more about the legend behind Halo in this new version. In the Foundation station, there’s a cowbell collectible skull modifier, a banished audio log, and two UNSC audio logs to be found. While the skull increases debris acceleration from explosions, the audio logs will reveal story content and lore.

Once you reach Zeta Halo’s open world, head to the northern section of the map. You should find a canyon to the northwest of Outpost Tremonius. There are enemies nick divorce court here, but once you’ve dispatched them, you can recover the Catch skull from a tree stump. The Grunt Birthday Party skull is found during the Repository mission.

Graveyards is the fourth arc of Halo Infinite, and includes the Pelican Down mission. This ship graveyard is located towards the center of the map and while fast travel is not available during the mission, you can travel back to the Graveyards after leaving. It begins after clearing The Tower and heading back to the island in the north for Excavations, and ends with the Spire mission. It comprises everything from leaving Outpost Tremonius and landing on the southern island, claiming FOB Golf to clearing out The Tower and leaving the island to head north. All but 1 of the collectibles obtained in this mission are missable. In the Silent Auditorium mission – the final one of the campaign – you must play through the mission without destroying any Sentinel enemies.

As you happen to liberate a FOB or encounter an object, it’ll mark it on your map. We’ve found everything, so all locations for the above collectibles are marked. Sadly, Audio Logs aren’t indicated, so we haven’t included those. Halo Infinite has its own Battle Pass system like a lot of modern, live-service multiplayer games. You’ll need to level up your passes to earn cosmetic rewards such as armor, emblems, and coatings. Here’s everything you can get for the inaugural Season 1 Halo Infinite battle pass which is themed around Halo Reach and Noble Team.

From here, the next few Skull locations can be collected in the open world. Though you can collect them now, it is far easier with grapplehook upgrades, and easier still once you have unlocked the Wasp from collecting enough Valor to unlock at a FOB. This is the room where the skull is located…The skull location is high up in the ceiling, up on a ledge.

There are three corridors you’ll need to collect power seeds from — left, right, and center. As soon as you walk through the center door, turn to the left. UNSC Audio Log The Prisoner 05 is to the left of the weapons rack there.