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We do not operate on Shabbos and Jewish holidays, and ask our customers to refrain from using the site during those times. I actually really want to buy a linen tzitzis, as a study piece. I’ve seen Kitel made from linen – very expensive and exclusive item – but that’s a whole different thing. marley’s smoke shop reviews I agree about what you said about linen being permissible without any problem for people with allergies. I’m quite certain that would be true but it doesn’t hurt to ask a knowledgeable rabbi. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The wool that is undisputedly subject to tzizis is sheep’s wool but other woolen fabrics such as cashmere, which is wool from goats, are not undisputed for Biblical miztva of tzitzis and therefore less optimal specially for Sephardim. Goat and sheep are two completely different animals, and while sheep wool is white, goats wool is more beige. However the Rema, followed by Ashkenazim, rules like another opinion of the Talmud that fabrics other than wool and linen are also biblically required to have tzizis. That’s why Ashkenazim use cotton tzitzis, although many try to be machmir like the ruling of the Shulchan Aruch.

We have three new tallits in stock in our Woven Judaica Line, and they are available in our Etsy Shop on line. Even if your tallit is still kosher, there is a Talmudic precept of fulfilling mitzvahs in an aesthetic manner, so you should try to have new tzitzits tied on as soon as possible. As you stand up in shul you suddenly feel a tugging at your tallit, and just as you turn around to see what’s going on – snap-twang!

The Chabad Tallis is also made of the same fabric as the Prima A.A., but costs more because of the striping, the double tzitzit holes and the silk corners. Ben’s Tallit Shop is designed to help you find just the right talit you need – whether you want to buy a traditional wool tallit, a modern or custom tallit, tallis katan, tzitzit or techelet. Although the idea of individualized service and the Web may sound like an unusual combination, we’ve set up a unique site to make buying a tallit from Israel a heimishe experience. In addition to superb service, we make sure our products are priced well below the competition.