Bizarre New Year’s Eve traditions that’ll guarantee a great 2022: how wearing a specific color of underwear brings luck

Colleen loves sharing tips on hotels, cruises, spas, theme parks, and global lifestyle topics. When she is not traveling the world, she lives in Arizona with her husband and two kids. We are so excited to be bringing you a list of Hannukah events and celebrations in… My mom always asked me what color I would be wearing for my New Year’s Eve underwear. Not because she was genuinely interested in my fashion choice, but more so she could tell me what would be in store for me for the New Year. It’s supposed to determine your luck for the next 12 months, and I follow it every year.

My mom then separates 12 grapes in bowls for each family member. At midnight, we all eat the 12 grapes as fast as we can and make a wish for every month of the new year. In the country of Estonia, eating several meals on New Year’s Eve — up to 12 meals — is considered to bring the eater good luck in the upcoming year. So have that extra piece of pie or third helpings of those mashed potatoes. Don’t stop at yourself either, the Italians kit out the entire family; grandad in his red long-johns with a wonderful cheeky smile on his face as he feels 20 years younger all of a sudden.

For extra good-luck points, participants try to jump over the flames 12 times, once for every month. Wear this color on New Year’s Eve if you’re already tired of choosing between paying your bills or buying the bag or shoes you’ve been fancying. You’ll never know, a yellow underwear is all you need to get all those bucks flowing in next year. The origins of many holiday traditions have been lost over time, including the habit of wearing underwear of a specific color to attract positive energies on New Year’s Eve. Finally, if you don’t feel like wearing red underwear, you can wear a red ribbon on your left wrist or a red garter for women.

A lot of people believe that the color you wear may affect your health and luck in the year ahead. According to Feng Shui, each color has a different meaning. Blue — If you’re wearing blue underwear on New Year’s Eve, it means that you are ready for something new in your life. You might get engaged or married this year or find out that someone special likes you back. Black — If you’re wearing black underwear on New Year’s Eve, things may not go as planned. You might experience some challenges this year or want more than what you have now.

In Puerto Rico, white undies are worn to promote fertility and health; down in Mexico, yellow is worn for luck and red is worn for love. This might seem obvious, but it’s important to remember nonetheless. If you want your white pants to be bright and crisp — and not stained — don’t wear colored underwear under them.

So here is a brief overview of the lucky underwear colors you can wear when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Black lingerie may be sexy the rest of the year, but whatever you do, don’t wear black underthings on New Year’s Eve. This gloomy New Year’s Eve underwear is sure to bring you bad luck in the year to come. What color underwear to wear with white clothing… we recommend nude. It’s not on the list of New Year’s Eve undies, but they won’t show through your clothing. In Ecuador, my cousins and uncles burn an “Año Viejo” that symbolizes getting rid of the past year.

Pink – Pink is the color of love and romance so it’s perfect for when you want to get intimate with someone special on New Year’s night. As the color of nature, vegan diet in spanish you can wear green if you want to be more in touch with the outdoors. It’s also been noted that some cultures believe green will bring good fortune.

Some believe the luggage trick only works if it’s full. So pack objects and clothing you’d take on your fantasy trips — bring ski gear if you want to hit the slopes or bikinis if you’re eyeing the beach. In a tradition originating from Ecuador and Panama, people burn photos or life-sized muñecas of people who essentially ruined the closing year. In Colombia and Paraguay, the muñecas are even ignited by fireworks. My tía and my older sister run around the living room on New Year’s Eve, giving us all a handful of lentils to put in our pockets.

It’s supposed to guarantee a year filled with travel and prosperity. This is because “the first person with whom a person came in contact that dictated the year’s destiny.” In Latin America, setting fire to a dummy that looks like someone who made your life hell is a cleansing ritual, but smashing plates in Denmark is good luck.

It’s just that if I do them on December 31, I’ll be wearing red underwear. It’s a Latin New Year’s tradition — or superstition, depending on how you think of it — to match the color of your skivvies to the thing you desire in the coming year. Yellow for prosperity, white for happiness, blue for wellbeing and so forth. Since I began observing this tradition, I’ve always chosen new red or pink dainties to bring love and/or passion to my life. Besides partying, a few regions of North America have NYE underwear traditions.