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In his free time, Taylor enjoys photography, floating the San Marcos river, reading about the latest startups, and watching sports. You don’t have to blog about dogs or pets…I love to read all sorts of blogs from beauty to design, lifestyle to personal and everything in between. Lifestyle blogger Corrin Foster lives in Austin and spends her days reading the news, exploring the area, and taking photos of her daily activities. She is constantly looking for new venues to check out, places to travel to, and events to attend. I started just over a year ago and it’s gone from a dog forum, to blog and now online shop. We especially love oodles; all dogs crossed with a poodle.

She has a wiener dog named Oliver, a weakness for sequin, and she can really cut a rug. At The University of Texas at Austin, Kraft focused on the impact of technology within a society, which actually does mean more than playing on Facebook. After college, he directed the web and social media presence for a local non-profit. Dorian Speed is a web designer and writer living outside of Houston. She’s the Web Editor of the literary magazine Dappled Things and has built a variety of collaborative websites for various organizations. As a former classroom teacher, she enjoys educating clients about how to get the most from their websites.

Whether you’re an Austinite or a visitor, there’s something on this site for everyone. I’m here to inspire and motivate women from all walks of life to live their best life through the lens of Austin, Texas. From fashion tips to local hotspots, I try to rhymes of the niger cover it all for those who want a little inspiration in their life. I’m passionate about fitness, so be sure to check out my monthly fitness series as well. Stephanie Leary began designing websites out of boredom in high school, and after earning a B.A.

If I help just one person make a change to live a better life – I’ve done my job. Yet so many people feel self conscious about saying they’re a ‘blogger’. They say ‘I’m a writer’ (I do this!), or a ‘curator’…or they completely hide their online personality to the outside world.

Brandon, or Kraft as he’s better known, started building websites in 1996 and hasn’t looked back. Kraft has worked with his own “weblog” since 2002, first in HTML, then Movable Type, then finally to WordPress. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

Whether you are looking for the hottest happy hour deals or tips on how to beat the heat during a Texas summer, you have come to the right place. This blog is filled with everything from where to find the best happy hour deals to how to beat the heat. Looking ahead to the future, I hope to write a blog about other Texas cities and spread the news of all of the great things our state has to offer.

The second option is to take advantage of local meetups and occasions. We have information on the best places to eat, the most effective ways to stay fit, and the latest fashion trends. It is my goal to make this blog an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to live their best life in Austin. Want to live in a city that’s exciting and vibrant? The rapidly expanding city is known for its lively entertainment scene, delicious food, and welcoming locals.

I’ve always been interested in blogging but it never really stuck for me in the past. The content I created or my writing style wasn’t clear to me. So, to get a better understanding, I started reading some blogs to see how they were written and what the different types of blogs were.