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Although the reason behind their divorce remains concealed, rumor has it that the split was because of Brandon’s extramarital affair with Rachel Hollis. Married in 1993, the pair share five children from their decades of togetherness. Three of their kids are the pair’s biological kids, while two are adopted. Very recently, Jen revealed how their adopted children felt in the current climate of racial injustice.

She revisited how difficult her life had been back in July 2020. OtakuKart staff account publishes all sorts of entertainment, music, gaming & news articles curated by its team of content writers & contributors. The cause behind Jen and Brandon’s divorce has not been made public.

A community foundation namely Legacy Collective is also in his grasp as he is the co-founder of that community. At some point, Jen made news headlines when she cast her votes for the LGBT community. Unfortunately, this came after the revelation that one of the Hatmaker’s children, Sydney, was gay, which the family knew years before the public announcement. Consequently, LifeWay Christian Resources, one of the major distributors of the author’s books, declined further sales of books and materials written by Jen Hatmaker. They got married at a young age, had four kids together, and he totally minimized it. I don’t know much about him b/c I didn’t even know who Jen was until three years ago but his post is awful.

Hatmaker’s father was a pastor and ran a family church. According to Jen Hatmaker’s Instagram message, which said in part, “I first thank you for the generosity you have given these last two months…. Brandon and I are divorcing; I don’t know how to say it and still can’t believe I am even saying it.

Due to the celebrity and riches, he has amassed over time. As of October 2022, his entire net worth is estimated to be $5 million US dollars. When it comes to Brandon Hatmaker’s official education, he attended a local school in his hometown.

Brandon was married to author, speaker, and TV presenter, Jen. They first met in 1992 whiles in college and so a year later on 30 December 1993, they married. Their marriage was blessed with five children namely Gavin, Caleb, Ben , Remy , and Sydney Beth. Unfortunately, they divorced after 27 years in 2020.

Since Brandon and Jennifer’s divorce in August 2020, he stepped away from his role as a pastor. At some point, followers started harassing him, which led him to make his Instagram account private. He shared a post asking people to stop sending malicious messages prying into his life for the details about the divorce. He has been pastoring at the Austin church in Texas, which he co-founded in 2008 alongside his wife, Jen. He also runs the Legacy Collective, where he is a managing partner and member of the advisory board.

Although we alone control the specifics, I’m stunned, heartbroken, and filled with grief. Bestsellers by Jen include the novels For the Love and Of Mess and Moxie. Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire is her most recent recording. The individual entered the ministry shortly after receiving his degree from a university. With four families as members, Hatmaker and his wife founded Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, in 2008. When Brandon’s father served as the pastor of his local church, he first developed an interest in pastoral ministry.

Jen Hatmaker was born in 1974 into a religious family. She adopted her family’s religion, and largely grew up in the why did jen hatmaker divorce church. Her comments against Donald Trump attracted death threats from supporters of the controversial president.