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Nevertheless, since Brandon Hatmaker and Tina Green, they bonded, and it has continued since. The pastor and author was born on the 25th of July, 1972, in Colorado, United States of America. Brandon Hatmaker’s age is 49, but he will celebrate his 50th birth date in July 2022. Born to a pastor, he spent most of his childhood in Colorado alongside his siblings. Unfortunately, in August 2020, Jen announced that they were filing for divorce on her Instagram page.

So in addition to being a tip top friend to me, she’s a therapist, she’s a mom, she’s a podcast host. Jen’s followers poured in with support for the Christian speaker and author. The post saw several long comments which aimed to give Jen and her family strength in these times. The Instagram accounts of both Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker have shown no signs of their divorce proceedings.

Three of their kids are the pair’s biological kids, while two are adopted. She is popular on Twitch for playing video games such as Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Overwatch and Valorant. LuluLuvely is also a TikTok star with an extensive following. He established the church with his then-wife, Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker, in 2008. Brandon and Jen Hatmaker met in college in 1992 and tied the knots on December 30, 1993. They named their children Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth.

The couple later established the Legacy Collective in 2015. It is a philanthropic community of leaders with a significant impact on society. The NGO advocates against racism and child trafficking and give the needy sustainable housing and quality health care. Discussion of Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis, Heidi Powell, and co.

The two have kept their private life away from the social spotlight and have carried ahead on their paths. Jen announced the split via her Instagram post. In the lengthy caption, Jen revealed that she is “shocked, grief-stricken and broken-hearted”. She did not reveal the reason or the details of the divorce and implored her followers to remember them in their prayers.

They comforted my kids and made safe spaces for them. They made it all so much less lonely, because divorce feels so lonely. Longtime followers of the author were startled to learn of Jen and Brandon’s separation because, ever since they started dating, Brandon has played a crucial role in her public career and triumphs. Five children—Sydney Beth, Ben, Gavin, Remy, and Caleb—were born to the couple after their 1993 wedding.

Find out how Hatmaker announced this latest sad news in this episode with host Nadia Joy Schult. Being love bombed feels amazing, but wife #2 is probably gonna cop the same mistreatment. I love when people hightale it out of their decades old marriage then enter into a new relationship leaving all the stresses of life behind and gush about their “new bff and lover”. Like try raising 4 kids with her and going to Costco on a Saturday while having a budget of $50 dollars and arguing whose turn it is to clean toilets.

Hatmaker asked for prayers and for privacy as she and the family work through their grief and loss during the divorce process. Jen mimi g husbandIn Austin, Texas, Jen and Brandon founded the Austin New Church, led by licensed pastor Joshua Harris. In addition, the ex-couple co-founded the Legacy Collective, a non-profit group that promotes human rights, fights against child trafficking, and helps individuals find affordable homes. Even though Brandon and Jen are no longer together, it is evident that the businesses they founded will endure. Many followers believed that Brandon may have cheated on the author when word of Jen and Brandon’s breakup spread online. The rumors of infidelity, and if any contributed to the divorce, haven’t been substantiated yet.

The Instagram post of Jen on September 7, 2020, where she uploaded an image that reads’Pray for us,’ was added with a lengthy caption addressing her and Brandon’s separation. He rarely missed church services growing up because of his passion for pastoral work. The former Austin New Church’s pastor lives in Austin, Texas, USA. Fans were excited about Brandon Hatmaker’s news regarding something he said he would release soon but is yet to reveal what it was. Hatmaker has not engaged in pastoral work for a few years but is still a philanthropist and author.

Just ten weeks before announcing the split, Jen had also posted a sweet post celebrating her marriage with Brandon and the days they have spent together. Jen did reveal that the family was going through a crisis but they still weren’t expecting a divorce. The couple did not confirm the reason for their divorce.