Confelicity, Cacklefart, Respair We’d Like These Old Words, Now! Ariadne Ross

Check the boxes below to ignore/unignore words, then click on save at the backside. Ignored words won’t ever seem in any learning session. Confelicity is the joy in one other person’s happiness, and a 16th-century word for kindness and compassion is fellowfeeling. Another favorite was a word from the Philippines — gigil, a single word which means the irresistible want to squeeze one thing cute.

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Or, if you’re feeling a tad impecunious in the intervening time (and who isn’t in these hard-stretched times?), you’ll surely agree that the world would be a better place if the word ‘pecunious’ could be revived. After all, it used to exist — simply that means wealthy. Language adjustments fast, particularly within the internet age.

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And that’s why it’s the primary focus of our Season 02 (Autumn-Winter 2022). We have shared in the pleasure of linguistics, and that has been one of many constructive issues this yr, I assume. ‘I Am’ was written by John Clare in the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum.

Lexicographer and etymologist Susie Dent thinks there are many words that need to be brought back, particularly constructive words. Need some constructive transformation affirmation from unbreakable characters? The inspiring winner of 2022’s Basque Culinary World Prize, Fatmata Binta shares her Good City Guide to Accra, Ghana – and a few Fulani cooking ideas.

The word Susie Dent is most decided to recover for our day and age is respair. The 1525 Oxford English Dictionary defines it as contemporary hope, recovery from despair. I absolutely agree that this word represents all of our hopes and needs. The world’s worst report covers inspired by the egg , Savages drummer Fay Milton tells us about Music Declares, and DJ Yoda on cracking the previous into samples and his obsession with breakfast, and more protest songs. Eggy, not neggyLike your tales sunny facet up? I like to overegg the pudding, so prepare for some eggs-quisite puns in Season 02.

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More than 3500 social enterprises are buying and selling in Victoria, using around 60,000 people and contributing $5.2 billion annually to the Victorian economic system. The information this device will provide will guarantee investments in social enterprises are based on sound proof and deliver the very best outcomes. And if you want a word for the simple pleasure of feeling the solar in your again on a winter’s day — that’s ‘apricity’.