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This device records the number of rows and stitches in real-time, and can also store the data of the last stitch and last row. It has 12 interchangeable heads with hook sizes from 2.0 mm – 8.0 mm and an integrated led-glowing light that will allow you to work rapidloansnow in the dark. We’ve created a compilation of the best 9 kits for beginners . And if that’s you or anyone you might know, we encourage you to keep reading. Choose from five color palettes of herbal dyed silk yarn to create your new go-to beachside apparel.

The finished item will be around 120cm x 140cm – perfect for a picnic or trip to the beach or for snuggling up a mug of cocoa and good book. Besides blankets, there are many crochet kits available to make cute baby items which also make fantastic personalized gifts every parent-to-be will be thrilled to get. As the most upscale recommendation on our list, this Tunisian crochet kit is a little different — and special! While sometimes you can purchase the material kit separately , this option includes a comprehensive video workshop on making a gorgeous two-tone triangle scarf, led by artist Toni Lipsey. Free patterns are good too, but will probably be less in-depth. First up is one of the most complete beginner crochet kits on our list, suitable for teens and up.

For this reason a metal hook is the best type to include in a crochet kit for beginners (plus they’re usually the cheapest option). Once you’ve got the hang of it, try experimenting with different hook materials to see what sort is your favourite. Videos are a great way to learn how to crochet for beginners since it is a visual tool. When you can see exactly how a crochet pattern or stitch is worked up in real time, it can be very helpful. You can find crochet videos on EasyCrochet as well as many more on YouTube for patterns and stitches.

Not only do these kits come with everything you need to complete a learn to crochet project, but they also allow you to be as creative as possible with your crocheting – even as novices! Darn Good Yarns’ Crochet Kits are fun and will totally get you hooked! Take a look at some of our favorite learn to crochet kits that are easy enough for crocheters just starting out, and so pretty that even advanced crocheters won’t want to miss out.

If you already own a crochet hook, you can order this kit without one for a slightly lower price. You can also purchase the pattern individually here if you just need a little design inspiration. I advise you to see the finished dimensions of the piece beforehand to ensure it’s a size you can work with or want. One of the main things that attract people to crochet kits is the opportunity to create beautiful, handmade, wearable items.