Deadly Houston crash: Man dancing on 18-wheeler knocked off under bridge, police say

Native to Houston, I have been here all my life born and raised. As a Street Reporter, and I’ll find myself actually taking part of community events and raising awareness of what’s going on that otherwise doesn’t get presented out there. I’ve helped families of some of the missing people I post to search for them.

When the driver piloted the vehicle under the overpass, the man hit the concrete and fell onto the main lanes of the freeway. As the 18-wheeler went under the Tuam Street bridge, police say the man was struck and knocked off of the trailer onto the freeway. A man dancing on the trailer of an 18-wheeler died after he was knocked off while going under a bridge, Houston police say. Video of the incident was posted online by Grizzy’s Hood News and the man can be seen ducking under one overpass before standing up again and continuing dancing. According to the Houston Police Department, the truck was moving under the Tuan Street Bridge, located across the US-59 Eastex Freeway when the incident happened. According to reports, the man avoided one overpass but was unable to avoid the other.

A man filmed dancing on top of a moving lorry died after he was struck by an oncoming bridge. A video recorded by a nearby driver shows the unidentified man climbing aboard the white Rapid 18-wheeler truck before appearing to dance on top of it. The man seemingly jumped or climbed onto the 18-wheeler as it was moving.

One of the daredevils appeared to be dancing, while others skipped between cars or sat at the edge of them. She records her news stories on her phone and drives to crime scenes in her own vehicle. “Look where he puts the beer,” Castillo laughingly comments as a store surveillance video shows a local “beer rj portales bandit” tucking a 6-pack into his jeans. Many of her thousands of social media followers had supported the online petition to get the famous furniture pitchman on the pitcher’s mound. When it went under the Tuam Street bridgenear Midtown, the man was knocked off the truck and into oncoming traffic.

I have a full-time job on top of that so it’s very difficult, causing me to consider making this my full-time. When I first started Street Reporting, I would get to a crime scene and ushered away by law-enforcement. Time and persistence and being accurate and not forming judgment or bias has helped launch my news page into a legit source of news for a lot of my following.

Yeah the comments section on Grizzy’s page is probably less crazy than most of the major national news sites, not to mention Chron or any of the local TV stations. Footage recorded by a driver shows the man standing on a white Rapid truck and dodging one overpass. He then gets up and moves his hips and arms and appears to be looking to the right when a second overpass hits him. The man appeared to be mid-step, shows the video obtained by the Daily Mail. When the Northeast News landed at her mother’s house, Castillo says she was the first person to scour the news about her neighborhood in northeast Harris County. She’s created such a following that she was recently invited to speak at a local journalism conference.

He was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital but he didn’t survive. The guy was dancing on top of the truck and possibly recording himself. The big rig driver had no idea he was up there, according to police. A legal representative attending the inquiry appeared to be watching a football match while the inquiry into the death of Sheku Bayoh was sitting on Wednesday. Kirsty Buchan, 33, resigned from her post at Bannerman High School in Baillieston, Glasgow, after the racy pics emerged online. Chilling footage shared by the Crown Office showed the horrifying incident unfold as Brian McKillop, 19, attacked James Britton while the 51-year-old was heading home in Rutherglen.

Prior to the man’s death, he was recorded dancing on top of the truck and ducking to avoid being struck by the concrete of the overpass. The video was posted to Facebook, where people wrote in the comments of their concern for the man’s safety. A man who has yet to be identified died after dancing on top of an 18 wheeler driving down a Texas freeway in Houston. Unbeknownst to the driver, he was struck and fell onto the freeway as the truck was passing under a bridge. The 25-year-old was knocked off the truck in front of horrified motorists on Eastex Freeway in Houston, Texas, at roughly 11.30am on Thursday, November 10.

The driver didn’t realize the man was up there, according to Houston police. He may have been recording himself when he hit a bridge and was thrown off. A huge rescue mission was carried out to trace Ian Bonnar including police, two mountain rescue teams, the fire service, a search drone and members of the public. The couple, who share three children together, reportedly split back in October but will spend time together over the holiday season.