ENSOR PLUMBING 33 Photos & 10 Reviews 11403 Cronhill Dr, Owings Mills, MD

Based on our first impression we are considering other projects we would like Ensor Plumbing to do for us. They were christmas lights atwater ca very professional and thorough as well as being friendly and helpful. I would definitely use this company again.

Pressing the button on the side, we slid the Stud Sensor slowly along the wall, keeping an eye on the indicator. When it lit up, we were at the edge of a stud. That indicator stayed on until we passed the other edge, then we slid the unit back over the stud to confirm and mark the edges before pinpointing the center. In our testing, the tool consistently found studs under drywall up to 3/4 of an inch thick. With nine sensors spread out over 5- inches, the ProSensor M90 accurately located studs.

Thinking of more ways to leverage the D-tect 150, we searched for a steel survey spike under the pavement at one test editor’s property. Since we didn’t know exactly where it was, it took almost 15 minutes to locate it, with some of that time spent waiting for traffic. The D-tect 150 is not cheap, but if you need to regularly locate hidden things in walls and floors—made from a variety of materials—it can do the job and may be worth the price. Zircon’s A200 is a powerful wall scanner, with three scan modes.

I don’t know about their other service people but Matt the one we had was great according to my husband and daughter-in-law. My experience with Ensor Plumbing was a very easy process. Jason was very pleasant along with his apprentice. They came in had their shoe coverings and made sure of the work option that I was getting and proceeded to do the job that was previously discussed at consultation.

When he came into the house, he put on booties to prevent marks on the floor. Jason was very professional and extremely efficient doing his work. He needed to work in some close areas and did so without any problems. Jason was great to talk with and told me exactly what he was going to do. I will definitely use Ensor Plumbing again.