FBI: Clayton County man allegedly part of gun ring, shoots, injures New York police officer

If you believe our view of your activity is unwarranted, please Contact our customer service team. Yonkers police said Menton, a highly decorated veteran a week away from his retirement, was shot in the stomach and is recovering at a local hospital. The FBI said one of their agents who had been watching Jackson, returned fire, killing him in the store. Agents said they caught the other two people with Jackson who were trying to run from the store. The three men were spotted Wednesday afternoon going in to a convenience store where investigators said Yonkers police detective Brian Menton confronted them.

FBI agents were involved in a shooting during a court-authorized operation Wednesday evening near Falls Street in Jonesboro, said FBI spokesman Connor Hagan, with the bureau’s Little Rock branch. Second Judicial Prosecutor Keith Chrestman is reviewing the agent-involved shooting to determine if it was justified or not. In a statement to Region 8 News last week, Chrestman said he did not have a timeline for making a decision as he was awaiting information from the FBI.

Authorities say that an investigation of the agent-involved shooting will be handled by an FBI Shooting Incident Review Team in an attempt to determine what happened with transparency at the forefront of the investigation. According to the police report, officers tried, but could not remove Carter’s handcuffs due to the position of his body. Martin and Simms are both facing a federal charge of conspiring to traffic firearms. The Jonesboro Arkansas FBI Office, located in Jonesboro, AR is a local branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation .

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. However, Hagan would not confirm Wednesday that members of the unit had been deployed at both locations. He referred the question to the agency’s National Press Office, which hadn’t responded to a request for comment late Wednesday. According to an FBI spokesman, all information about the shooting won’t be released for several weeks. The Jonesboro Police Department and Craighead County Sheriff’s Office assisted with blocking off the street during the operation.

He had earlier been detained – alongside two other suspects – by officers searching for drugs in the back of a truck they had noticed parked in the street with its lights on. A video was released by the police in which a police officer of similar height and build to Carter shows bug iphone app thousands call how Carter could have shot himself while handcuffed in a police car. A witness to the event said the police were outside the vehicle when the shot was fired. Michael Neuman was shot while agents were trying to arrest him on a felon-in-possession charge and to conduct searches.

The Jonesboro Police Department believe that he had hidden the gun on his person that the officers did not detect through the two searches and used it on himself. In addition, she states that he was left-handed and was handcuffed behind his back, yet the bullet entered through his right temple. The two officers at the scene were placed on administrative leave and an investigation was started. According to the FBI, “During the course of a court-authorized law enforcement operation on Wednesday, FBI agents were involved in an agent-involved shooting.

The FBI is investigating an agent-involved shooting that happened in Jonesboro on Jan. 12. Several shell casings could also be seen in the area, with law enforcement appearing to look at a light yellow truck. The investigation is still ongoing and the FBI is currently not providing any additional information. The Jonesboro Police Department could not provide a statement as of Wednesday morning.

According to a release from the FBI Little Rock, agents from the FBI, along with the Jonesboro Police Department and Craighead County Sheriff’s Office were attempting to arrest Michael Neuman, 31, of Brookland on Jan. 12. The dead man’s mother, Teresa Carter, has accused police of a cover-up. “I think they killed him, my son wasn’t suicidal,” she told WREG-TV. “They searched him twice. I just want to know what really happened, that is all I want to know.”