Genshin Impact fishing guide: Quests, spots, locations, tips and tricks

The area north and across the sea from Dihua Marsh holds another fishing spot for Medaka. There fishing point is at a dock here with a few hilichurls. Medaka location in Mt. Aocang Further west in Liyue, Medaka swim in the fishing spot in the center of Mt. Aocang’s how to get fishing pole genshin lake. Several fishing spots in Genshin Impact have the new Medaka fish. The location of the Glaze Madaka in Genshin Impact is not a big secret or arduous quest. Located in many areas within Inazuma, it often swims in large groups making it easy to spot.

This quest requires an Adventure Rank of 28 or higher, so new players will have some work to do before they can start fishing. A fishing system was added to Genshin Impact as part of the 2.1 Update, and this guide shows all fishing locations in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Whenever you see circles on the surface of the water, you have found a fishing spot. You can confirm it by getting close since you can then see the fish that are present in that particular place. Medaka location in Dragonspine One fishing spot with Medaka also exists in Dragonspine. The small lake with Medaka is east of Entombed City – Outskirts.

After players use the Teleport Waypoint, walk down to the west shore to find the spot. As of the release of the fishing system with Version 2.1, there are fishing locations in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. At these locations, Travelers can search for ripples in the water and start fishing using the appropriate Fishing Rod and Bait. Players should make sure to craft plenty of Bait at a crafting table before heading out on a fishing trip.

There are currently eight locations to farm fish in Inazuma. Recommended No.161 – Uneven Skin Tone There are 11 locations to snag some fish in Liyue. The rest of the species can be found at any time, like the Medaka, Koi, and Pufferfish. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

Our editorial content is 100% independent and we put every product we review through a rigorous testing process before telling you exactly what we think. They are energetic when in a group, so you may see them jumping and splashing on the water.

Go to your quests and navigate the Genshin Impact fishing quest “Exploding Population”. If you can believe it, this will start the fishing process. If you’ve selected the right bait, the fish will make their way to your line. Note that the Autake Plains Fishing Spot requires you to fish at Chirai Plains first.