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Going that one step further, you can pop onto his website, answer a few questions about your hair’s needs and you’ll be directed to the products that you need. And you can even pop onto YouTube for extra tips and tricks from the man himself. If you just want to add some highlights, use a clean toothbrush or mascara wand and apply where the sun would normally lighten your hair (i.e, around your face and on the tips). Swipe some lip balm along your hairline where you don’t want any dye to go.

“I’ve worked on the formulation for over five years to make sure I was offering a clean option and one that would respect the scalp and hair,” says Robin. The color washes out after five to seven shampoos, and it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can irritate sensitive scalps. “The part and the hairline is primarily where you should be focused,” notes Townsend. So, start there and divide the area into smaller sections. After sectioning off the hair, you’re going to need a brush.

Hold it four to six inches from your hair and spray onto new growth and partly through the length of your hair so you can blend in the color. On the spots that have grown in, being very careful not to overlap on the other sections. Once you’ve applied it all, set your hairstyles with bucket hats timer and wait. Follow precautionary tips before you dye hair roots. When dyeing hair roots, you need space, towels and lots of things to protect your skin and work area. Applying petroleum jelly to your hairline, cheeks and ears can help keep the dye off your face.

And in most cases, celebrities with wild-colored hair spend a lot of time in salons for touch-ups. Unlike other hair types, blonde hair can be hard to maintain. When dark roots sprout, they can be hard to conceal, so coloring them is the best option. Below we are going to show you how you can dye dark roots on blonde hair.

When I’m not writing I spend most of time reading novels, listening to songs, solving tricky puzzles and travelling around the world to my favourite destinations. Collen Hoover and Nicholas Sparks are my all time favourite authors. Their writing leaves a deep impact and stays with me for long. It’s always considered safe to wait for at least four to six weeks between each hair coloring to minimize the risk of damage to your locks.

Once you’re done, comb through your hair to make sure that the color is distributed evenly. You want to make sure that the color you’re using covers all of the new growth, so that your hair looks even and has no visible roots. Avoid washing your hair for a day or two before you dye it, as this can make it more difficult to section off. The chemicals in hair dye are harsh and could damage your skin or eyes. Gently massage the back of your head after applying dye to all your hair.

Learn how to dye your hair at home like a pro with the expert-approved tips, below. For most colors, the processing time is 30 minutes. Here again, if you see that the bleach mix is drying out on the hair before it has had a chance to lift sufficiently, apply some more bleach mix. When making cream color or bleach mixes, use a plastic coloring bowl. Then use a lifting toner with 20 Vol, applying on roots and the brassy mid-lengths. Separate the rest of your hair away using plastic clips so that the strand does not touch the rest of the hair after the hair colour is applied.

Look carefully to see if there are any areas you missed. From the garden to your mirror, overgrown roots are usually not a great look. They create an unkempt appearance and a gradient most of us would rather not see on ourselves. If your roots are showing more than you’d like and it’s time to dye them, a trip to the salon is almost always your best bet.