How Do You Transport A Power Wheelchair?

A person with mobility issues can often operate the lift unassisted. They just fold down the ramp, roll their scooter or wheelchair onto the lift, and then let the platform take care of the rest. The ramp then folds up when the operator exits the platform. Electric wheelchairs can be carried on the back of any car with a bumper-mounted rack.

However, a benefit of ScootaTrailer™ is that one rarely has to back up in the first place. Before parking, try to select a place that will allow pulling forward when it’s time to leave. If backing up is the only option, remember that the trailer is tall enough to be visible through the rear-view mirror. Remember ALWAYS to lock the brakes on the wheelchair once mole between buttocks it is in the vehicle and secure it with straps if required. While many of these services are free, a donation of even a few dollars can go a long way toward helping them continue to operate. If the driver is a volunteer, this donation will help to pay for things like gas, maintenance, and keeping the vehicle’s accessibility equipment in good condition.

A motorised mobility device use information sheet explaining the use of the device which includes the Queensland road rules relating to motorised mobility devices. This information sheet will be posted with your plate for applications received by email or post. If you use a motorised mobility device on a footpath or road area in Queensland, it must be registered. Compulsory third party coverage protects users from being held financially responsible if they injure another person while using their motorised mobility device, while also compensating the injured party. Quantum Rehab® was born out of the desire to delight customers with the most advanced, consumer-inspired complex rehab power wheelchairs and related technologies possible. A platform lift is another popular option because it’s easy to operate and cost-effective.

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Registration is free and registered devices are automatically covered by compulsory third-party insurance at no additional cost. Scooters ‘N Chairs offers a 100% full refund on all orders canceled within 24 hours of purchase. The customer covers transportation expenses to the seller. Please make sure all required options are checked before clicking BUY NOW.

If you have the budget for a lowered-floor modified minivan, an electric ramp is also an excellent long-term transportation solution. The XL ScootaTrailer ‘inside’ measurements are 66″ length by 37.5″ width with an overall length 93″. The bed height from the ground is 9″. The axle is a Dexter® torflex axle with EZ lube spindles. The trailer comes with 145 x 12″ high speed, nitrogen fill, white spoke wheels. The trailer requires a 2″ ball to be hauled by your vehicle. Every trailer comes with zinc plated HD chains and a swivel up jack with a caster wheel.

Similar to a bicycle rack, these racks can be fitted to the bumper of any motor vehicle and the electric wheelchair is either hooked on the rack or secured with a bar that is tightened with wing nuts. The first step as far as how to transport an electric wheelchair will be to find out its measurements and/or the measurements of the pieces when disassembled. You’ll then need to find out how much trunk space you have in your car, van, pickup truck, minivan, or SUV. The next time you’re in a shopping mall parking lot, pull slightly ahead into the next space so that you’re headed forward when it’s time for you to leave. And remember, the next time you pull into your driveway you may simply want to use the swivel jack and caster wheel that comes on everyScootaTrailer™.

The seating system typically consisted of a sling seat and back upholstery, which significantly limited postural support for the individual. If a person does not wish to purchase a vehicle lift or an accessible vehicle, a trailer is another possible solution for transporting an electric wheelchair. Just like when choosing a vehicle lift, you need to make sure a trailer can accommodate the overall weight of the chair, make and model of the vehicle, and hitch size. A portable wheelchair ramp may be necessary to get the chair into and out of the trailer. It’s important to make sure you have a way to properly tie down and secure the electric wheelchair in the trailer. Wheelchair hoists for pickup trucks collect the power chair either from beside the passenger or driver’s seat or from the curbside at the back of the vehicle’s cargo area.