How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

The “messy look” of the locs makes for the perfect low maintenance, natural looking hairstyle. You need to cut a loc a bit below the point where your natural hair ends and then unravel the extension hair, moving upwards. The butterfly locs of this bob got additional bents to create better fullness and bounce. You might not believe it, but these lavish butterfly locs are done on the base of a short pixie.

However, there are other brands that have great products too. You can use their hair if you’re more comfortable with it. If you want the butterfly locs to be longer than your own hair, you will need filler hair to make up for the difference in length. While you can use the water waves for this purpose, getting extra hair for added length is better. The best kind of hair for butterfly locs is water waves.

Ensure that you wrap about 6-7 times at the base of your hair to keep it firm. However, you can choose to go messy while wrapping the remaining part of your hair. The next step is to wrap the extension around your natural hair with the lengthy part of the extensions. However, you need to ensure you use hydrating products, wash your locs with dry shampoo or let them air dry if you use a liquid shampoo. While you clean your locs, ensure you clean your scalp too, to avoid frizz or the growth of dandruff. This was a doozy of a post to put together but I hope it saves you some time at the beauty supply store.

Setting time aside to really work on removing the locs will also avoid any possibility of accidentally cutting your own hair. Find out which natural hairstyle best suits your hair and which Carol’s Daughter products to use to achieve it. There are a variety of ways you can achieve Butterfly Locs, depending on how much time you have, your skill level, and your patience. The great thing about this style is you don’t have to be a master hair braider to achieve a beautiful result. Most people can do this style in 3-6 hours, but the longer the length the more time consuming it may be. THIS tutorial 👇🏾 is probably the BEST one to watch if you’re into the crochet method.

The next picture shows that short hair is not an obstacle to installing playful butterfly locs. If you are not sure how to style butterfly locs, you can steal this classy look. Now, let’s move on to learning cool ways to style butterfly locs of various lengths and sizes. Butterfly locs are a type of dreadlock hairstyle that involves twisting two strands of hair around each other to form a rope-like strand. Yarn over and pull through both loops on your hook.

Take a quiz to find out which products are right for you. Ahead, TZR shares seven innovative styles to test for the fall season. They may become matted with time if not maintained properly. The triangle parting selected for this hairdo adds whimsical star-like patterns to the look.

If you want your locs looking their best for all four to eight weeks, you should massage a light serum or oil into the scalp every few days to keep it hydrated. Carter also notes that if you choose to do a wash day, you won’t be getting a full wash because there are sections of your hair that will be tucked away. If you were thinking of rolling out of bed and straight into the salon chair, you might want to reconsider your game plan. Carter notes that arriving at your appointment with your hair washed, deep conditioned, and detangled makes the process a lot easier on the stylist. “Since it’s going to be in this style for quite some time, it’s better to start off with clean, detangled hair anyway,” she says.

As part of our everyday business, PATTERN is proud to donate to a variety of organizations that empower women & people of color. They are one of our favorites among the many different types of… Continue to wash and shampoo your scalp every week. January 04, 2022 Being caught in the holiday rush is a perfect time to forget about yourself!

The loop is very important, it will give you a nice end to your loc and keep the loc secure. On that note, you don’t have to make your base braid super tight step by step balayage sectioning at the root, especially because you’ll be adding hair to it, which will add additional tension. (Here’s more on how to install protective styles safely).

Butterfly Locs are the hot new style in these streets. They’re the love child of Goddess Locs and Passion Twists. If you’ve already read our style guidefor this new look and are ready to roll up your sleeves and get them done, buying the right hair is critical. I took to Youtube to curate this round up of vloggers with Butterfly Locs and the hair they used.