How to delete Hulu account and history: A step-by-step guide

You will always find him busy with exploring new gadgets. In order to navigate to search history on Hulu, you have to navigate to the search bar. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop Hulu from tracking your watched history permanently. Similarly for individual episodes of shows, Hulu may allow only a certain number of episodes of a particular show to appear on their platform. The show or movie you want to delete will have three dots on the upper right corner, click this icon.

From here you simply have to hover over the individual item you want to manage and select the options you want to pursue. Removing your Hulu watch history won’t take much time. All you need to focus on is following the steps exactly as mentioned here.

Many video streaming services are true alternatives to cable, complete with extensive channel lineups, DVR capabilities, and premium add-ons. Most of these services also command a monthly subscription price that rivals some cable bills, so it’s important to find one that meets all oncircle samsung your needs. In this guide, we compare the major features and capabilities of two Editors’ Choice winners, Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV. Sometimes, it’s your entire watch history that you want to remove and not just specific titles. Fortunately, Hulu lets you do that with ease.

You will see an X icon, click on that to remove the movie or show to remove from your watch history. The process isn’t streamlined or intuitive, and many users argue that it makes users jump through hoops to get more detailed information about their watch history. You can find your history within the Keep Watching sections.

Your list of recently watched shows is very much a window into your soul. But the simple fact is you can glean a lot about a person by seeing what sort of entertainment they consume. Gregory Chapman is a freelancer who has great intrest in technology, smartphones, and gaming.

Take note that your Keep Watching collection only shows you what you’ve watched up to a certain point. To access a full list of all the shows and movies you’ve watched on Hulu, simply head over to All Watch History. Unlike Netflix, though, Hulu doesn’t yet have a feature that lets you download your full watch history. Well, managing Hulu watch history is pretty easy to manage.

A primary profile cannot be deleted, but you have the option of editing it if needed. Here is the step you need to implement and eventually your Hulu account and history will be erased and your data will be safe. Julia Garner is “magnificent” as the personal assistant to a TriBeCa-based film executive whose sexual harassment of hopeful young starlets is an open secret. The name “Weinstein” is never once uttered, and it doesn’t have to be; the writer and director, Kitty Green, uses what we already know to fill in the blanks. Click on the Clear Selected button on the bottom. Your watch history on Hulu should be cleared.

Another thing to consider before deleting your Hulu account. Don’t let your privacy be compromised by unwanted accounts. A data breach or hack is more likely to happen if there are more companies with your information. Your Hulu account may no longer be needed, or perhaps you are just interested in the free trial. No matter what, deleting unused accounts is a good privacy security practice. First and foremost, you will want to make sure you’re logged in to your Hulu account.