How to Fill Out a Money Order

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Before you can fill out a money order, you have to buy one. While you might want to head immediately to your nearest bank, banks often charge a significant fee for money orders. It’s not unusual for banks and credit unions to charge between $5 and $20. BOSS Money offers payout service to more than 200,000 locations in 22 different countries throughout Africa. BOSS Money App offers users a quick and secure way to send money to loved ones in Nigeria from anywhere at any time. Secondary proof of identification (for transfers below $300 or its Naira equivalent) – other identity cards e.g.

The scammer mails a fake money order as payment for a purchase, but before you have time to ship the item , they email to say a financial emergency is forcing them to renege on the purchase. They tell you to keep a portion of the purchase price for your trouble and to refund the rest—and to do it in a hurry, because they really need the cash. In the simplest form of money order payment fraud, the thief sends a bogus money order to purchase merchandise you’re selling.

The money order must bear the signature of the payer (you, if you’re the one sending it) and the payee in order to be valid. You’ll want to hang on to any documentation relating to the money order, such as a pay stub and/or receipt, until you’re sure the payee has signed and cashed the money order. Bring cash or a debit card to buy your money order—most places, including the post office, won’t take credit cards. Once we have received the proper paperwork and have confirmed the money order has not cashed, we can place a stop pay on the money order and issue a refund check less a $20.00 processing fee.

Endorse the front of the money order just as you would a personal check. Never sign the back of the money order—that’s where the recipient signs it when they present the money order for cash or deposit. Write icarus pose bodybuilding in ink and use the full name of the individual or business legibly. If you’re sending payment to a business, check their website or call their customer service number if you’re not sure how to word this.

Some of the offers on this page may not be available through our website. Despite the ease it provides, paying in cash isn’t always the most secure form of payment. You can get a money order almost anywhere, like banks, post offices and even Walmart. One you have one, it’s as easy as filling out the order, keeping the receipt and handing it over to the person you’re paying.

Commercial deposits are generally comparable to two months’ service of a commercial business similar to the applicant but no less than $75. In addition, a non-refundable $30 connect service charge must be paid before the services are connected. Night depository at the City Annex after business hours (these payments will not be processed until the following day’s business). Always keep a copy of money orders you deposit, and receipts for money orders you send.