If you do one thing this festive season, get yourself a bucket hat Here are 5 chic hairstyles to pair with this trending item Life

Pick your favorite cap here and you`re all set for some #instaworthy photos. Newsboy cap A newsboy cap has a short brim and loose, rounded top that gives voluminous hair a little more room. You can rock a newsboy cap with any casual style or when you want to get a little dressed up. Just keep the brim angled slightly upward so the cap doesn’t fit so tightly around your head.Let your hair hang down naturally to help frame your face.

However, understand that a tight ball cap can create creases in your hair where you wear it. Think about what your hair may resemble if you leave a tight cap on for too long. Ideal for a sleek, slightly feminine face, a beret is for the fashionable man who isn’t afraid of softer features.

Hats have been the glorious hair accessories which women love to carry. The Breton hat is a lot similar to the boater hat. These hats were initially worn by the Breton agriculture workers. Breton hats are made of lightweight materials like straws and felt. This look has a summery vibe to it, and it will fit perfectly with a long flowy dress or a formal shirt with suspenders.

Billie Eilish is one of the latest celebrities to jump on the bucket hat fan wagon. She even wore one to the Grammys , custom-made by Gucci with a face mask and entire attire to match. The bucket hat came to be around 1900 and it was originally made from felted wool or tweed cloth by Irish farmers and fishermen. The unwashed felted wool made these hats waterproof, providing some shelter from the rain. They were also longer on the back so that the rain would slide down and don’t get inside their collars.

The hat hairstyle was then adopted by them, and it is a worldwide fashion that a lot of people like and wear. This hairstyle is accepted now more than ever, and people all over the world are trying different ways to style and customize their look. Sun hat Sun hats have really wide brims to keep the sun out of your eyes on a bright summer day. Trying to look cute while still dressing practically in the heat? With a bikini and an oversized shirt as your cover-up, all your outfit needs is a straw bucket hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. Biker shorts and oversized sweatshirts, layered with a casual soft blazer and a bucket hat – mamma mia!

Try wearing a patterned skirt or pants with a small, printed top and a bucket hat. You will find colors creating a beautiful symphony with so many prints and mixing and matching. At least, there is nothing I hate more than freezing myself due to fashion! That is why going for a feather duster or jacket and matching bucket hat feels like a sensible and stylish choice that can be worn without regrets in the harshest of weather. But come winter, plush and furry bucket hats will undoubtedly make an appearance, as will leather and waxed ones. Rihanna has also been a staunch supporter of the bucket hat for many years.

Get it to gel along with washed jeans, sleek boots, and a pair of classic black glasses. If you rock the short curls look, just let your hair free, all over the place, and adorn it with a denim, a tie, and hair lighter at ends a dye bucket hat. You can also pull off a few thin strands, braid them, and leave the rest of your curls open and free. For fans of the Y2K look, you’ll want to experiment with the faux fur bucket hat.

“Hat days” are assumed to cover up hair that isn’t fit for public consumption. Hats are a style all their own, and rocking them should not be contingent upon bad hair days and uncooperative hair nights. Read on for a few easy styles that will have your hair and hat game coming off real strong. Some types of hairstyles are not just uncomfortable to wear under hats, but also cause troubles due to pulling, friction and sweat. Women are crazy about the cowboy hats and one of e finest hairstyles which can rock this cowboy hat is the stunning loose braid.

The great thing about medium-length hair is the style’s versatility. At this length, you can wear your hair slicked back or loose. This kind of flexibility means you should choose an equally flexible hat. Or maybe that’s just first on your list of several 2019 festivals to attend?

Pick one in your favorite colors or rep your favorite brand or sports team. Adding a bucket hat to your casual outfits will elevate your look for the day, while you remain cute + comfortable in your favorite go-to garments. Your hat will add a layer of color + style that can be achieved effortlessly. Pairing hairstyles with hats can feel tricky but adding this simple, iconic French style to a fabulously free mane results in a duo that’s meant to get attention. With so much volume and texture to show off, it’s not necessary to do a lot to make this style pop. If you’re starting with wet hair, glide on the NuMe Sleeky in a Bottle Serum from root to tip.