Inside Step Edwards Midway Barber Shop, a Chapel Hill-Carrboro experience Variations of the Same Story

Midway, Edwards says, is where he works and sometimes where he sleeps. At Midway, he chats with lifelong friends about personal frustrations and global issues alike. If he meets a new friend, Edwards says, they probably started talking in the barber’s chair. “You always meet good people here at the barber shop.

The event lasted all day and served more than 50 kids. Back-to-school backpacks were distributed, as well as school supplies. Top Rated Local® is built upon 5 pillars of the customer experience and is created to empower both businesses and consumers. Capturing the overall customer experience is unlike anything on the market. Sign up to be the first to know about barbershop updates, specials, cancellations, and more.

A copy of Norman Rockwell pencil sketch “First Haircut” hangs on the shop’s wall. It’s a copy of the original sketch Rockwell gave to his barber Archille “Scotty” Cibelli, who is pictured in the sketch. Cibelli gave it to Bob Jeffrey in 1997 after dannys pawn the Jeffrey’s visited his barbershop in Stockbridge, Mass. Located in the barbershop basement, the resource center has nine computer stations and a quiet area where youth can get tutoring. There are chess boards too, and an on-site chess master.

Of 105 ratings posted on 1 verified review site, Midway Barbershop has an average rating of 4.60 stars. The Midway Barber Shop is open Mondays through Fridays 8am to 4pm and Saturdays from 9am to Noon. With those hours, he’ll have plenty of time to spend with Ella, who’s in 6th grade, and Lola, who’s 9-years-old and in the 3rd. We will be open May 6th limited to customers waiting in there cars check in then wait In you’re cars.

Then, barbershops and beauty shops were strictly segregated. Dennie said, “I have never seen my hometown booming – not in my lifetime. It’s hard to imagine, because our whole downtown is deserted now.

Especially when they grow up to bring their children back to him. He collects barbers’ antiques, such as backward clocks that reflect correctly in the mirror, shaving mugs and brushes and rare street poles, and just about everything has a story. Midway Barbershop-Providing a full range of professional, high quality grooming services for men, located in the heart of Carterton. He went on to open the first King Milan’s Barbershop 16 years ago in Gary, Ind., once a fabled American city. Full beard service, including steam towels, razor and beard oil treatment to help with growth and soften.

Barbershops have slowly been disappearing for decades. In the 1960s, young men began growing their hair long instead of getting it trimmed every week, Jeffrey said. Barber’s schools also are closing and stylists’ schools are opening for students who want to learn to cut men’s and women’s hair.

It escalates and settles, sometimes blocking out the buzzing of clippers and the droning of SportsCenter highlights. For that non-cosmetic value, plus the shop’s deep roots in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, Edwards says Midway is unique. Although Colonial Barbershop looks like an old-fashioned barbershop, it’s up-to-date. He cuts all the latest styles for men and boys, and brings 40 years of experience to the chair. Dennie hosted an event that day but it was smaller than usual, since kids weren’t going back to school in-person. Now, with elementary schools starting to reopen for in-person learning, Dennie and his team of barbers hosted the Labor Day event all over again– on Feb. 1.

The first time we offered the free back-to-school haircuts, we made the front page of the Pioneer Press. I offered the same event in Gary, Ind. for four years and no media stations ever picked it up. While Edwards says great haircuts and customer interactions distinguish Midway as an extraordinary shop, Farrington put the Chapel Hill-Carrboro barbering scene in simple terms.

While Step Edwards worked temporarily in real estate after his father passed away, his sister handled Farrington’s hair. Farrington estimates an Edwards family barber has cut his hair “tens of thousands” of times. While Farrington exaggerates, he has gotten a haircut at Midway at least once a week for more than 30 years. Midway Barber Shop is considered one of the best and most popular barber shops in Chapel Hill, United States.