ISP Billing Software

Discounts could be pro-rated and non-prorated based on the requirement. If discount is pro-rated, then discount will be calculated based on the number of days service has been under use, and in case of non-proration discount, it will be calculated for the whole period for which discount has been configured. Tax discounts provide an alternative method for dealing with some tax exemptions.

A leading developer and manufacturer of cost-saving, productivity-boosting Telephony products and Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions ideal for SMB, Corporate enterprises, Operators and Service Providers. Customer Support − This includes fixing all the issues related to customers. A customer complains through customer care or call center and then issue flows at different stages. under what circumstances should a company’s management team give serious consideration to bidding This issue could be related to signals, call drop, voice or data download quality, wrong bill, some dispute, service activation, or termination, etc. A truly Convergent Billing System should be able to consolidate any number and combination of products and services onto a single bill, regardless of the type of product and market segment, i.e., prepaid and postpaid services.

These systems are responsible for controlling calls, data download, SMS transfer, etc., and finally generating Call Detail Records. Many a times, operators bundle more than one product into a single group and sell them as complete package. There are billing systems, which support bundling of various types of products together as a package. Simply put, an operator uses its products to provide voice services to its customers. An international call can be called a service provided using a voice call connection.

Now in terms of sophisticated usage-based billing, we don‘t currently offer that capability, but in our solution set we have mediation through an OEM relationship with Digital Route. At some point, we may want to offer a fuller billing system as part of our portfolio. Clarity’s core competency has always been around the provisioning and service assurance functions, but where does the revenue management side of telco partnering reside in your system? Since we manage the catalog that each provider in the chain, we have all the rating information attached to those product offerings.

There could be infinite number of credit classes defined based on the requirements and category of the customers. VIP Credit Class − This can be assigned to VIP customers and would have very high value of credit limit. Some modifications can also be performed at DOC1 level, but it does not provide much flexibility to modify the invoice.

With the CRM.COM API, you can easily integrate to the service provisioning platform, or any other 3rd party platform and synchronize subscription, service and usage data in real time. Typically, Wireless in local loop service providers use 850 Mhz with their technology based on CDMA as against GSM technology. In other words, with 850 MHz bandwidth Bharti can service customers who would look for limited mobility but on a GSM platform and GSM handset. Tecnology), cross-out passwords lists, certificates, public key authentication keys, and smartcards, or integrated circuit cards or Integrated Circuit Cards . The IEEE 802.lx protocol specifies how the EAP should be integrated into the LAN structure. When communicating over wireless networks through the EAP, a user requests access to the wireless LAN by means of wireless communication with an access point , that is, a connection hub to the client or supplicant of 12 remote access to the WLAN.