Jen Hatmaker, Christian author and former reality TV star, files for divorce

Apart from it, he does not have affairs with any other person. And, he does not have any involvement in controversial events too. Now you are thinking what does Brandon Hatmaker do for a living?

She revisited how difficult her life had been back in July 2020. The cause behind Jen and Brandon’s divorce has not been made public. Ministerial ordaining has been conferred upon Brandon Hatmaker. Together with his wife, he founded the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas. Jen Hatmaker is the author of a variety of books, several of which have gotten positive reviews. The New York Times has named For the Love, Of Mess and Moxie, and Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire as three of her books that have achieved bestseller status.

In her social media posts, Tyler is regularly mentioned, and the couple appears to be happy. It looked like Tyler’s new connection was making an impression on her family when she met them. He has a Facebook account under his own name with around 42k followers. While 37.8k followers follow him in an Instagram account under the name @brandonhatmaker. While his Twitter account under the name @brandonhatmaker has around 40.4k followers.

However, this did not stop the pair’s followers from speculating. Many cheating rumours swirled on the internet as the two went through with their divorce. However, epic divorce man her long and emotional caption stole all the limelight. The author detailed her trying experience of overcoming trauma and heartbreak in the past year.

Brandon Hatmaker, the co-founder of Austin New Church and Legacy Collective, is the husband of Jen Hatmaker, the author of several bestselling novels.

The timing checks out for that “five years of addiction” he referenced. I’m guessing much of that or the extent of the substance/sex addiction was hidden from the family and maybe they got him help but didn’t know how deep it ran. When he relapsed/confessed how bad it was or they found out about the money part the marriage ended. Someone posted some interesting info about what potentially happened in this week’s main thread. If it’s true, I can see why Jen has been so adamant about why you need to be aware of your financial situation. The couple soared to popularity as a power couple who founded Austin New Church and authors.

Brandon attended Oklahoma Baptist University and later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in arts in 1995. Brandon Hatmaker has an estimated net worth of more than $1 Million. He has accumulated most of his net worth working as a author. His books have been listed among top sellers in the release days. Robyn Crawford is a famous actress and a author with a net worth of $500,000.