Jersey Shore Region Wheelchair & Scooter Hitch Carrier Rentals

A bumper mounted wheelchair carrier simply mounts your wheelchair to the bumper, sort of like the bicycle carriers that you have surely seen. They are easily mounted and removed to allow you easy access to the trunk area if needed. The bumper mounted device is often use because it can be easily installed or taken off. The devices will attach to the back of the vehicle and will slowly raise the chair from the ground.

The ramp has 3 loading positions making it easy to place and take off the wheelchair or scooter when needed even without anyone’s assistance. It can also be folded to save up space or to make access to the trunk more convenient when the carrier isn’t in use. The main disadvantage of this type social security in wooster ohio of wheelchair carrier comes from the fact that the wheelchair itself needs to be folded and placed on the carrier. This is done manually and therefore a disabled person may require assistance for doing so. Designed to be easy to use with little effort, our EZ Carriers do the work for you.

The pick-up truck carrier is a great way to make your truck handicap accessible. The wheelchair is lifted into the bed of the truck by an electric-driven motor. It is important to note that the wheelchair has to be manually folded before it’s placed on the lift. If you need help transferring or folding your wheelchair, you may need additional caregiver assistance to use this style of carrier. Discount Ramps offers a variety of accessories to enhance your lift. Swing away arms allow you to conveniently access your vehicle’s hatch, trunk, or tailgate with a carrier attached to your hitch.

It fits the 3 and 4 class hitch and can easily haul 500 lbs meaning that it’s enough for any scooter or electric wheelchair you may have. The carrier also has a black powder coat finish which will protect it from the elements. It’s a wheelchair hitch carrier made for both wheelchairs and scooters.

At Optimum Personal Care, we are committed to providing your loved one with the greatest level of hands-on personal care in a community that provides a sense of peace, comfort, and belonging. If you’re a person with a disability or you’re caring for one, you know how important equipment is for making you comfortable, safe, and allowing you to be as mobile as you can be. This is especially true when you plan to go on a long trip or just on a short vacation that requires you to use a car. The EZCL EZ Carrier Lift is our cost effective alternative for a mobility device lift. Create a Top Mobility account for fast checkout and easy access to your order history. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.

It’s a bumper-mounted wheelchair carrier with a capacity to carry 500 lbs. It has a wide enough platform to carry any type of wheelchair and has a gradual slope used to easily load the wheelchair on and off. There are also two tie-down anchor points to provide extra security duringtransport. This is a wheelchair carrier for cars that could also be used to carry scooters and it’s mostly marketed based on its ability to fold up against the car when it’s not in use.

Keep the ramp folded flat to the carrier surface and held down with a spring pull pin. The folded flat position is to keep the ramp stored and secured when the carrier is folded up. The arm option leaves you with more car space but they usually can’t be used for scooters but wheelchairs only.