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Satisfy your need for adventure by going to the beautiful islands of Tahiti. This astounding place is known to be one of French Polynesia’s precious gems. Its environment, culture, and numerous landmarks are things you shouldn’t miss out on. If you want to appreciate the culture of Maldives through its monuments and other attractions, then going to the city of Malé is a must. There is so much to explore here that would show you the rich history and culture of Maldives. This atoll is known to have the capital city of Maldives, from which it is named from.

In Maldives you CANNOT bring alcohol into the country because it is a Muslim country. You also cannot buy alcohol from the airport and bring it into the resort. With the way I have wine , this can make Maldives food and beverages much pricier. After visiting both, the most frequent question I get is “Sooo which was better?

If you want to avoid flying, I personally loved my stays at Anantara Dhigu and Club Med Finolhu. From the mainland of Tahiti you can reach Moorea via a ferry that runs all day or a quick speedboat ride which takes about 30 mins. However, islands such as Bora Bora need to be accessed via a 50 minute seaplane ride.

Both countries have stunning turquoise waters and pristine powdery white-sand beaches. The Maldives has a more “deserted island” feel, as there is usually nothing but water on the horizon. Any honeymoon to Tahiti will undoubtedly include a stay in an overwater bungalow as they were practically invented here! Picture yourself floating over tantalising turquoise waters, able to see the marine life from your room. Plus there are traditional villages to explore with a mix of Melanesian, Polynesian and Indian culture.

(Literally when you arrive at most resorts they tell you to take off your shoes, and you don’t put them back on the whole trip!). Different types of travelers – and couples – will flock to each honeymoon destination. This is another resort that offers excellent accommodations in the Maldives. The beautiful overwater bungalows and private villas are set on the Indian Ocean and give visitors a fantastic view of the vast ocean and the evergreen landscape. There are similar luxury resorts that take up entire islands and have overwater bungalows, but there are more options available with several different price points. In general, you will find The Maldives to have more affordable accommodations.

But I noticed that some of thelocal male staff prefer to address and speak to Zombie. Not on a personal level, but more on how women are perceived there as a whole. Most of the resort and hotel staff spanish beach nudity are male, with the exception of very few Maldivian women, and the foreign female staff. At times, you can feel an environment of fraternity/brotherhood due to the overwhelming number of male staff.