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This quote from the legendary Mike Tyson, who competed in The World Heavyweight Boxing Championship from 1981 until 1993, has stuck with me since I first heard it back in the late 1990s. It sums up my philosophy about the best way to live your life or what I do with my hair. I am very aware of my identity and how people see me. My hair is just a part of who I am, and I do my best to embrace it in all of its glory.

I’m not talking about a short hairstyle, but a full head of hair that makes you look like you’re wearing a wig. It’s like a beard in more ways than one, it’s incredibly fashionable and allows your hair to flow across your face. It’s a look that’s been worn for decades, but I’m pretty sure it’s only been around for the last year or two.

Like I said before, its a look that has been worn for decades. While many people may have a goatee, its not a requirement, and if you are really into it then you may want to go for a longer goatee. But for the most part its a shorter version of the goatee.

The wig is a fashion choice that a lot of women have been rocking for years. While its a trend and it can be trendy, I don’t see why a lot of people think it’s a bad thing. If you want that long, flowing, frizzy mane, go for it. But for those who want to retain the short hair trend for the sake of fashion, go for the short version.

I dont see why it matters so much. It just looks cool.

Its a funny thing because I’d wear it if I were in a more conservative dress sense. I’d definitely wear it if I was in a more masculine one. So its a choice that might vary between individuals. I don’t think it has any negative connotations. Its just another style choice that everyone can make. And it’s a style that works great for those who want to look cool, but don’t want to lose their short bits.

In some ways, yes. But in other ways, not so much. It might seem like a small detail, but if you’re going to be wearing it, you want to make sure it feels comfortable. And to do this, you need to find a comfortable way to wear it. For some people, it might be a simple cut with a short neckline. For others, it might be a more formal look with a longer neckline.

In the end though, it depends on what youre going for. I personally like the shorter’short cut’ look because it looks more casual, but I also like it because it looks totally badass. And as a fellow who has a “short hair” go-to look, I actually feel like its one of the best styles of all time. What I mean is that the longer hair goes over my neck and down to my shoulders and then back to my chest.

Shorter haircuts can be great at the beginning of your career. But for me, its a style that is so versatile that it can be worn to every angle. The longer hairstyle looks great on just about everyone, which is why it became the go-to for me as a young athlete. I think it also fits well with the look of an athlete trying to look like a badass.

The beard comes in all different lengths and styles. Personally I prefer the one that has a longer base and a shorter end. But it is a style that can be really versatile. I have a go-to style from the time I was in junior high. It is a style that really fits well with the long hair that I had, and I think that it can be used for just about any look you want.

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