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He was shot dead by his cousin and business partner Jack Livingston. We used to travel that road when we were teenagers back in the 70s and 80s. Never saw the blue light but I did hear a wild high-pitched screaming near the bridge. There used to be a yellow caution light (don’t blink at the end of the road) every now and then it would go out.

During our investigation, though, we did not come up with clear evidence of Willie Townsend. However, we did capture several disembodied male voices. The former world record holder for largest walk-through haunted attraction on Earth, Erebus nina lozano in Pontiac can still deliver a potent package of frights. Boasting four stories and a half-mile indoor walk through some of the most terrifying examples of makeup artistry you’ll see in quite some time, Erebus is packed with terror.

Local residents recently discovered that the wealthy Rosecliff Hall family had built out a secret distillery on their property to brew their own spirits. The family had a keen taste for whiskey & bourbon, but sometime since then, blood-thirsty vampires had taken over the distillery as their sleeping quarters. It’s a good thing that you brought some cloves of garlic with you to Hush Haunt this evening. Access requires the Bar Creep Pass and 21+ years of age. Walk the illuminated jack-o’-lantern paths through Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow and other spooky worlds. There is a Halloween train adventure on the Hallowe’en Express, fall treats and costumed characters throughout the village.

Check out our list of thebest Halloween events in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. Be sure to check ahead for COVID-19 protocols and the recommended ages so you don’t take your young children somewhere too scary. Searching for the best place to find Halloween Haunted Houses and Halloween events in Canton, MI? Look no further as we have pulled together the best list of Halloween happenings for Michigan. Sit back with a glass of fresh cider and a tasty cinnamon doughnut, whatever the season, as we share just a few of our favorite Michigan haunts.

At Oakland Community College, formerly a hospital, there is allegedly a tunnel that connects Highland Hall to High Oak Hall. It’s said to begin in the basement of Highland Hall, which was once a morgue. The basement and the tunnel are said to be haunted.