Mercades Nichols Again In Jail Real Crime With Trench Reynolds

We are all free to use the weblog in whatever means we would like. Some use it to vent, some use it as an amusement, and some use it to exchange views for varied causes. Everyone must be welcome and no restrictions utilized, within reason. If somebody just needs to comment for fun, that ought to be okay, too. But I find it annoying that race must be dragged into every dialogue. It seems you can’t even focus on Einstein’s principle of relativity without someone making it a racial problem, and that’s just uncalled for.

According to police information and witnesses from your moms residence you had been the aggressor. Or are we to imagine as soon as once more these paperwork are lies. It said you kicked, hit and spit at your daughter. So either all of the witnessess were mendacity otherwise you commited these acts. Of all locations I thought I could come to, I thought it will be right here. Alot of you may have spoken to me lengthy sufficient to know I would not beat her.

We all the time say your comments are short and to the purpose. Victoria has not spoken about this matter apart from the one or two interviews. She has no say in what others write about her in blogs. I truly have never seen your feathers ruffled lol. Hutchene you are each keen to confess mistakes and continue to comment without additional animosity.

Did you think you could do a greater job of it? The only thing you could have succeeded in doing is making your self look as silly as Sassy. Race isn’t the issue here ill-bred, violent teenagers are the difficulty.

Nichols violated phrases of her plea agreement by violating the law, according to an affidavit from the Department of Corrections. The incident occurred June 14, however Nichols wasn’t arrested till Wednesday after an arrest warrant was issued, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Her bond was posted by a staff particular person of the Dr. Phil tv present. Christina Garcia, mother of one of the defendants, stated her daughter had turned the tape over to police. Later, in accordance with a clip of the video that was launched by the Polk County sheriff’s office, the teenagers may be seen blocking a door and hitting Victoria. Seven of the teens remained in juvenile detention Tuesday, authorities stated.

Those who wanted to see the perps do hard time may get their want, at least for Mercades. As for people’s reaction to Mercades’ newest foul-up, I don’t see anyone offering any constructive ideas. Someone mentioned she’s going to most likely be in hassle more typically than not, so we would as nicely maintain her in jail now. Preemptive incarceration doesn’t sound like good coverage, any greater than preemptive struggle .

I even have not watched the video in some time. Why does Trench not need that thread used? Although I must platform competition opportunity techkantrowitz admit I am quickly tiring of the constant remarks made about Victoria.

Also please bear in mind your remark or ought to I say suggestion to me about getting off of the computer and raising my baby. I would rather kind on a pc than beat my very own daughter and blame it on her. One extra thing- the word “enamored” was the word you used to explain Electronica’s perspective to the Lakeland ladies and it appears so convenient a time period to cowl many sorts of perspective. Judging from your posts which I have been reading for quite a while, I wouldn’t say it applies to you, and I apologize for implying that it did.

Continues to be put in harms method by her own daughter. I hope she has the energy for all of this. Grandparents left to lift children that folks will not. I assume that lawsuit may be in jeopardy now that Ms. Garcia has been arrested for battery costs for beating her daughter Mercades.

As for Christina posting here, nicely, determining motives is a difficult enterprise even when communicating head to head. For one thing, I tried to take a conciliatory method in my remarks with the forlorn hope that a few of the perps would learn them and be influenced by them. And then there are my views on cosmic consciousness which motivated me also, however which I will not elaborate on right here. I don’t see that this can be a place for producing constructive ideas. 🙂 It’s a blog that I read and react to.