Microsoft vs SolarWinds 2023

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is an add-on module of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor that boosts your network traffic analysis capabilities. Get clear visibility to monitor your network, discover traffic patterns, and avoid bandwidth hogs; also, fully integrate with Orion Platform products, including Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager. Network insights- Monitor the health and performance of all components of application delivery, including Wide IPs, virtual servers, pool members, and more. Office 365 is a widely used and robust application for enterprise customers, and since the start of the pandemic its use has exploded exponentially as companies were forced to quickly reorganize their workers into remote work environments. Microsoft would likely argue that customers are not properly configuring their environments, but Peter Firstbrook, research VP at Gartner, says the company’s solutions have often led customers to seek additional help. Its powerful API allows developers to build custom dashboards with real-time data from their azure SQL databases.

“We traced it back, and we thought it might be related to a bad update with SolarWinds,” Adair told NPR. “We addressed the problem, made sure no one was in our customers’ systems, and we left it at that.” None of the tripwires put in place by private companies or the government seems to have seen the attack coming. Christopher Krebs, who had been in charge of the office that protected government networks at DHS during the Trump administration, told NPR that DHS’ current system, something known as Einstein, only catches known threats. How Russia Used SolarWinds To Hack Microsoft, Intel, Pentagon, Other Networks Russian hackers exploited gaps in U.S. defenses and spent months in government and corporate networks in one of the most effective cyber-espionage campaigns of all time.

To really take your monitoring to the next step, you need to monitor everything contributing to the health of your application. Another choice you’ll have to make is whether you want to use tools provided to you by a cloud provider or use third-party monitoring services. No matter what you choose, you can follow a few best practices to make your Azure monitoringas effective as possible. Companies migrating to the cloud from on-premises systems tend to monitor cloud infrastructure similarly to how they monitored their previous infrastructure. This means monitoring different levels of infrastructure with different tools. For example, they may separate application monitoring from infrastructure or hardware monitoring.

Updating software is the final cyber-smart behavior promoted by Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 organizers – and an important one to emphasize as we close out the month. Before we ring in the new case signals crackdown ordinary critics say year, we’re reflecting on some of the biggest cybersecurity events of 2022. Since launching last spring, the CyberArk Trust Issues Podcast has covered a range of top-of-mind cybersecurity subjects.

Though combining more layers gives you some advantages, it also creates the risk of overloading yourself with too much data. Don’t try to add every possible metric to the dashboard, and don’t create too many alerts, or you may start ignoring them. We all have alerts that initially seem important, but we don’t do anything when they fire. For example, you don’t need to be notified when the CPU spikes to 100% for one minute. In this post, we’ll discuss Azure monitoring and provide best practices and tips to maximize your monitoring experience.