Olympic gold medallist who hired dog sitter with app comes home to find her with shirtless men, lube and a video camera

“He alternated parking at one of the two Wal-Marts in his area and at rest stops and kept his gym membership active so he had somewhere to shower and workout,” according to the story. He pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding. Maybe you like imagining… no, wait, I’d better not write what I was going to write, because, well, it would be wrong, and you might also give me the SwimSwam boot, which I would, for the record’s sake, like to avoid….. The felony charge carries a maximum sentencing of 20 years, though Keller will likely receive far less time.

There were not too many rough times in the pool for Keller, whose finest moment came when he swam the anchor leg of the relay in 2004, holding off the great Australian Olympian, Ian Thorpe. The content published on this site can be found on several other websites. This site, therefore, has no control over the copyrights and streaming of any media. Any queries or concerns regarding copyright violations should be directed to the website hosting the material in question. Get access to daily news, politics, business, finance, science, technology, sport, travel, and much more.

“We have worked closely with the dog’s owner to restore his trust in Wag! and appreciate his understanding. The trust and safety of the Wag! community is very important to us.” We have launched an investigation into this incident and have suspended the sitter from our platform. The circumstances around this incident are unacceptable, and we expect everyone on our platform to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Community is a top priority, and we are working with the dog’s owner to restore his trust. You can even record the whole thing without fear of interruptions! Just lock the dog in an empty room with a bowl of warm water and maybe check on him a few times throughout the week.

I have to imagine if I came home to this dumpster fire of a situation I’d be rendered speechless. Prior to the strange circumstances, the dogsitter’s Wag profile had a rating of 4.96 out of 5 with a total of 305 walks and dog sittings. gntc financial aid Colorado Springs resident Klete Keller – a former competitive swimmer who medalled at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics – claims he hired someone via dog sitting app Wag to watch his furry companion, Jimbo, while he was away.

Klete Keller, a three-time Olympian-turned-real-estate-agent, said he hired a sitter through Wag to care for his dog Jimbo while he was away. The company also said they use a thorough vetting process for their dog walkers and sitters, which includes a social security number trace and several criminal checks. Does extensive background checks on all its walkers and sitters. This includes aSSN Trace , a Facial Recognition Check , a Document Check, a National Criminal Check, a CountyCriminal Check, a Sex Offender Check and a Global Watchlist check. In this case, the walker/sitter passed all of them.

He will probably never get any custody of his kids. What he did was very bad, but he has taken the first step towards accountability. In August 2018, he made headlines when his dog sitter hosted a threesome at his house without permission. Keller walked in at 1 AM to find two half-naked men he had never met before lounging on his sofa with an open jar of lube and a video camera. Concerns range from dog sitters removing home surveillance camera to a case where a dog died in a walker’s care.

Claims she passed all of her background checks as well upon signing up for the app, so needless to say Keller had no reason to be worried or suspect anything of this magnitude. “The general smell in the house is disgusting, I’ve had all the windows and doors open,” Keller told FOX21 News. When Keller returned home early Monday morning, he had hoped to be greeted by his dog. Instead, he reportedly walked into his living room to find two shirtless men, a camera and a bottle of personal lubricant. Yeah, I don’t use uber or any other rideshare app either. I make my family go out of there way to help me or I take public transportation.

What is certain is that, like many athletes before him, he found it hard to adjust to ordinary life after an extraordinary sporting career. Keller, who lives 1,700 miles away from Washington in Colorado Springs, was arrested last week on charges of disorderly conduct, obstructing law enforcement and illegally entering a restricted area. He was released after an initial appearance in federal court in Denver. “It was just, just a total mess and I can only imagine what poor Jimbo saw in there,” said Keller, who was part of the winning 4×200 freestyle relay at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and in Beijing four years later.

Torrey is from Oakland, CA, and majored in media studies and American studies at Claremont McKenna College, where she swam distance freestyle for the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps team. Outside of SwimSwam, she has bylines at Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, and The Student Life newspaper. Nothing Keller did tainted or didn’t taint anything that I’ve ever seen, learned, known, or done. Keller will be just fine, as long as a bunch of cancel-culture haters don’t stalk him to the ends of the Earth.

She’s reportedly completed 305 sittings and walks before meeting Jimbo. A Colorado man said he was stunned when he came home from a trip out of town to find two shirtless men sitting in his living room with a camcorder and an open bottle of lube on a table – while his dog-sitter took a shower. Since 2018, Keller has resided in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Keller began a career there as a real estate broker, being employed as an independent contractor with the real estate firm Hoff & Leigh.