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I am very detail-oriented, highly organized and always deliver on time. I am currently using TRADOS 2017 and Déjà vu as cat tools but also possess the automated translation of Mt Enhanced Microsoft translator, the one of the Pts 10 server of Promt and that one of sdl language cloud. We also are members of ASETRAD and of ProZ. Please, check my profile here for previous jobs, expertise and more background information. Recover card Go to “Card Management”, click “Recover Card”, choose operator or card type, click “Query” to display the card information. Choose the card information, put an empty card on the encoder, and click “Recover”.

The company in general meeting may declare dividends, but no dividend shall exceed the amount recommended by the directors. The directors may, in the resolution appointing an agent to authorise the agent to appoint one or more substitutes or delegates to exercise some or all the powers of the agent conferred by section 76 and this regulation. Subject to this regulations, any action that may be taken by members at the meeting of members may be taken by a resolution or 75 percent resolution of members consented to in writing or by telex, telegram, cable or other written electronic 768 cookies images communication without the need for any notice. The directors may, whenever they think fit, convene an extraordinary general meeting, and extraordinary general meetings shall also be convened on such requisition, or, in default may be convened by such requisitionists, as provided by the section 82. The joint holders of a share shall be jointly and severally liable to pay all calls in respect thereof. Is incorporated under the International Business Companies Order, 2000 on and from the 29th day of September, 2014 and that the company is a company limited by shares.

The cooler frame is designed to ensure effective distribution of the cooling air to the heat exchangers and to minimize pressure losses. After two years of production, Alhory Teatro released past November 13 its short Veritas Vincit; “the truth expires” moves us up to the Low Middle Age, a way between the French town of Montbard and the kingdom of Murcia, where Hugo will have to attend a history that the powerful ones of his time silenced. The season “A sabbatical in to the ground with name of wine starts with a competition in which the participants do a personal campaign to gain votes. We offer you the opportunity to have 12 consecutive months for reencountering yourself, and to develop the project that you have always had in mind or simply to enjoy the real meaning of life. By itself, this would be foolery, but points have an utility, they can be exchanged by discounts in meals or buys in the shops of the campus. Also, if we achieve the other pupils to instal the application, we gain more points. The software also boosts the rewards depending on the number of persons who use the application in the same class.

The two fell in love, and Matthew went with the mermaid to her home at Pendour Cove. On summer nights, the lovers can be heard singing together. The legend, recorded by folklorist William Bottrell, stems from a 15th-century mermaid carving on a wooden bench at the Church of Saint Senara in Zennor. In the myth, Semiramis’s first husband is named Onnes. Some scholars have compared this to the earlier Mesopotamian myth of Oannes, one of the apkallu or seven sages described as fish-men in cuneiform texts. While Oannes was a servant of the water deity Ea, having gained wisdom from the god, English writer Arthur Waugh understood Oannes to be equivalent to Ea, and proposed that surely “Oannes had a fish-tailed wife” and descendants, with Atargatis being one deity thus descended, “through the mists of time”.

The company may by ordinary resolution convert any paid up shares into stock, and reconvert any stock into paid up shares of any denomination. The provisions of these regulations as to the forfeiture shall apply in the case of non-payment of any sum which, by terms of issue of a share, becomes payable at a fixed time, whether on account of the amount of the share, or by way of premium, as if the same had been payable by virtue of a call duly made and notified. A forfeited share may be sold or otherwise disposed of on such terms in such manner as the directors think fit, and at any time before a sale or disposition the forfeiture may be cancelled on such terms as the directors think fit. If a share certificate is defaced, lost, or destroyed, it may be renewed on payment of such fee, if any, not exceeding fifty dollars, and on such terms, if any, as to evidence and indemnity, as the directors think fit. To act as a nominee, Attorney, agent, consultant, Adviser, Manager, stakeholder, escrow, agent, proxy or any other entity or relationship whether having a legal personality, or not PROVIDED that nothing herein shall authorize the company to carry on the business of banking or insurance, nor to act as a trustee of any Trust.

Set valid building, valid floor, valid time, card holder, passage mode, deadbolt unlocking, if block previous cards, and click “Issue” to finish. This card can open all rooms of the chosen floors. Building card Put a card on the encoder, go to “Card Management”, “Make special card”, “Building Card”. Set valid building, valid time, card holder, passage mode, deadbolt unlocking, if block previous cards, and click “Issue” to finish. This card can open all rooms of the chosen buildings. Master Card Put a card on the encoder, go to “Card Management”, “Make special card”, “Master Card”.

Lock Data card Put an MF1 S70 data card on the encoder, go to “Card management” “Make special card”, select “Setting card” “Lock Data Card”, select card holder, then click “Issue” to finish. The directors may elect a chairman of their meetings and determine the period for which he is to hold office; but if so such chairman is elected, or if at any meeting the chairman is not present within 5 minutes after the time appointment for holding the same, the director present may choose one of their number to be chairman of the meeting. The company may by 75 percent resolution remove any director before the expiration of his period of office, and may by ordinary resolutions appoint another person in his stead. The person so appointed shall be subject to retirement at the same time as if he had become a director on the day on which the director in whose place he is appointment was last elected as director. At any time and from time to time, the company may under the present regulation by resolution appoint any person as director and determine the period for which such person is to hold office.