Phase I trial compensation: How much do healthy volunteers actually earn from clinical trial enrollment?

It is important to accurately estimate how great of a challenge patient recruitment is likely to be for your unique trial, and to develop strategies for success in this area early on when designing the trial. Most legitimate trials will offer to pay people to participate in the trial, but you can ask to be paid by check rather than direct deposit. The amount you get will vary based on the trial, but it can range from $1,000-$2,500, particularly in Phase III of vaccine trials.

One of the core offerings of this company is its global patient portal for clinical trials ClinLife®, which gathers 40+ million global visitors per year. It is available in more than 50 countries, with top patient visitors coming from countries including Poland, stupid laws virginia Colombia, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, Hungary, US, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. To ensure any interested trial applicant has maximum chance at success, Clara’s enrollment platform supports applicants from initial screening through enrollment.

After review and approval by the UVA IRB HSR, all revisions to recruitment material are to be submitted to the IRB via IRB PRO-SUBMIT DOCUMENTS-Modifications. If you receive a message about a study and want to confirm whether it’s true, go directly to the organization’s website for further information. The National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine also maintain, a free searchable database of clinical studies on a wide range of diseases. If there is no government agency, university, or hospital mentioned, it’s likely a scam.

There are clear advantages to this consolidated model that reflect both in the patient experience and in your overall costs. Our patient support team welcomes and makes applicants feel comfortable and well taken care of, and in turn this increases the likeliness of them sharing more specific information. In addition, our patient support team is able to hear and respond to real-time feedback, and create a high-quality and truly personal experience based on the individualities of every applicant that goes through this stage.

The company has a wide range of service offerings, which also include patient recruitment. Some of its service offerings include patient recruitment and engagement through digital and traditional media placements, site support, as well as software to track patients as they move through the recruitment funnel. Worldwide Clinical Trials has been in the business of patient recruitment and clinical trials management for over 30 years, and has managed trials in more than 60 countries, with a focus on improving the patient experience. If your current outreach methods are not leading to strong participation numbers, it may be because the interests of your patient population are not being reflected. Working with a company that has experience recruiting for a range of conditions can ensure you are distributing effective outreach materials that resonate with patients who have specific reasons to be interested in participating in a clinical trial.

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For example, if you are planning on only using study site lists for recruitment, this strategy may yield results in the short-term, but would potentially be difficult to scale. Once the list of patients becomes exhausted, recruitment may stagnate and you risk falling behind your timelines and recruitment goals. On the contrary, if you are also working with a vendor that is doing digital, offline, and grassroots recruitment, you’ll have additional sources of study traffic that will continue bringing in patients despite exhausting study lists. Understanding of how your vendor is planning to recruit patients for your study will also show the level of diversification within the recruitment strategy. A more diversified recruitment strategy helps you to reduce your risks, as you are able to experiment with different recruitment channels and have more room to scale your recruitment efforts if needed. Given this individuality of each study, and the uniqueness of corresponding approaches for recruitment, it is important to understand exactly how the potential recruitment partner has handled challenges as they came up in the past.