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As much as I might get into the meaning and intent of word choice, there isn’t any single term that any of us can use to describe our situation. I have a glossary for our site so that people can see how we use words to avoid potential confusion. Cuckolds and hotwives are a little different from swingers, who are couples involved in swapping sexual partners with eachother. Swingers tend how to claim a business page on facebook to be more egalitarian about the arrangements, with the men and women sharing sex equally. I’m able to completely lose myself in the moment knowing full well I have my husband’s approval. I was shocked after my first encounter when I didn’t feel guilt but I had my husband’s full backing – this is not cheating as I share everything with my husband and he communicates with the bulls.

She’s a small 24-year-old beauty who attracts attention wherever she goes. She is only 5″ 2″ tall and weighs 105 pounds, but she has everything in the correct places… My Vixen Hot Wife’s First Share We’ve been married for a decade.

But this relies upon me knowing what she wants. I had used a phrase that Erin objected to, and we got in a lovely debate about grammar. I say lovely because I’m a writer, editor, and proofreader and as such, I love getting into the nuances of words and phrases and comma placement (viva la Oxford comma!). Read about the women whorevealed the most terrifying experiences they’ve had with men after rejecting them. Meet the tantric witch who uses ‘sex magic’ to improve her clients’ love lives.

Or reading blog posts like the one Hotwife463 wrote for the Front Porch Swingers. Or listening to the podcasts like That Couple Next Door and Swinging Downunder. Not usually professional porn but homemade stuff in which the wife is having sex with her bull, being filmed by her husband, and commenting how much better or bigger the bull is. Or even ones in which the wife admits to cheating on her husband. Vixen hotwife anklet bears the symbolism of an open relationship.

Be bold, try something new and embrace the VXN Lifestyle. VXN Lifestyle is a global adult lifestyle community packed with features where you can meet, chat and play with other people from all over the world. Different people will have different answers to this. It’s better to figure out what you want and take time to discuss that in detail with potential other partners than pick a label and assume you mean the same thing but don’t.