Police: Shot fired at Old Chicago restaurant in Ankeny

Akeem Holmes, 33, entered a guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter, neglect of a dependent person, and making firearms available to a minor, according to the Polk County Clerk of Court’s office. Akeem Holmes, 33, is charged with involuntary manslaughter, making firearms available to a minor and neglect or abandonment of a dependent … According to Project ChildSafe, gun owners can take several steps to make sure children cannot access firearms in the home.

The father told authorities he feared there might be a conflict, so he grabbed his pistol and set it down on the couch before opening the door. The father told investigators during this conversation, both children got out of their high chairs. He noticed his son climbing up the stairs and went back in to get him and said he thought that was when Savannah got ahold of the gun and shot herself in the home’s entryway. The charges come less than a month after police officers responded to a call of a child with a gunshot wound on NE 5th Street in Ankeny. Police have issued a gun safety warning to families who keep firearms in the home.

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According to court documents, police say the caller said a 4-year-old girl, identified as Savannah Holmes, had shot herself in the face with a handgun. The caller said the father was performing CPR on the child, until police and Ankeny Medics arrived. According to Police, the father of Savannah said she and her brother were in highchairs when two men came to the residence and were pounding at the door. The father grabbed the gun and set it down near a couch, saying he feared conflict with the men, and went to the door to speak to them. He said that while he was at the door, Savannah and her brother had gotten out of their highchairs.

ANKENY, Iowa (WHO-TV) — A pregnant 17-year-old has died after being shot late Monday night at an Ankeny hotel. Police in Ankeny are investigating a Monday shooting that has resulted in the death of a 4-year-old girl. This section shall not apply to the shooting of arrows under the direction of a certified public-school teacher in the municipal recreation program or public-school physical education program. ANKENY, Iowa — Police in Ankeny are investigating a Monday shooting that has resulted in the death of a 4-year-old girl.

Police saidSavannah Holmes accidentally shot herself in the head with her father’s gun back on May 16. Akeem Holmes told investigators he set his gun near a couch when he went to answer the door at his Ankeny home and that’s when Savannah got hold of it. Details about the incident caswells shooting range were scarce, and it remains unclear who pulled the trigger, but police are investigating the shooting, which happened on Monday. According to officials, the victim, 4-year-old Savannah Holmes, was transported to a hospital where she later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Fitness Gear / 15 hours agoCooling towels are perfect if you have an outdoor job that requires you to work in hot temperatures or if you’re going on a hike in warm temperatures. KCCI is not naming the father because there are no criminal charges in the case. Akeem Holmes, 33, is charged with Neglect or Abandonment of a Dependent Person, Involuntary Manslaughter and Making Firearms Available to a Minor in the May death of 4-year-old Savannah Holmes.

He said he saw his son climbing up the stairs and went inside to get him. According to the search warrant, the father said he believed Savannah grabbed his gun and shot herself in the entryway. Other recent shootings involving children include a 3-year-old boy who died in Florida from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in April. In March, a 2-year-old boy in Tennessee accidentally shot himself with a handgun and later died.

ANKENY, Iowa – Police in Ankeny are investigating a Monday shooting that has resulted in the death of a 4-year-old girl. ANKENY, Iowa – An Ankeny man is charged with attempted murder after police said he tried to shoot someone in the parking lot of a bar early Monday morning. The target must be maintained in good condition, capable of stopping arrows regardless of the archer, type of bow or crossbow, and regardless of where the arrow may strike the target. ANKENY, Iowa – Police in Iowa have made an arrest regarding the shooting death of a child.

Police said a 4-year-old Ankeny girl fatally shot herself in the face with a handgun while her father answered the door, according to a new search warrant. The Ankeny Police Department released the name of the child who died in a gunshot incident this week. Ankeny police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect and any potential witnesses. Video taken from the area shows an early 2000s blue four-door sedan parked next to the kitchen entrance at the time the shot was fired, the release states. The vehicle is missing the passenger side hubcaps and may have tinted rear windows, according to the release.