Puerto Rico Packing List 19 Things People Forget to Bring

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Reusable water bottleNo matter where you travel, it’s important to be as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of buying water everywhere you go, save money and protect the planet by bringing your own bottle. You’ll need one for beaches, hikes, and long car rides anyway. If you forget to pack one, buy one in Puerto Rico and get yourself an awesome souvenir.

When going to and from the beach, you want something that covers you a bit and is cute enough to wear to lunch. It might seem strange, but I usually plan ahead with bathing suits because of how expensive they are full price and buy up a few bathing suits as soon as the summer season ends. Similarly, it shows a lot of booty, but with the high waist and higher chest coverage, I don’t mind it for a good beach vacation.

I want to show you that a life of travel doesn’t require a ton of money or all that much bravery. I’ve been doing it for all this time without either of them. Obviously, you bulk sleeping bags for homeless should pack a sunscreen of your choice. There are plenty of Walgreens and Walmarts all over San Juan and other towns around Puerto Rico if you forget or you run out.

For evenings, dress is casual; ladies tend to wear short summer sundresses – and take a pashmina as just after a downpour it cools very quickly, but only temporarily. Keep swimwear to the beach and pool, and cover up with a kaftan or sarong when walking around public areas. Mosquitoes can be a problem, so take insect/mosquito repellent and cover up with long sleeves and pants when you can, particularly in the evenings if you are outdoors. This is what you should wear in Puerto Rico if you plan to spend most of your time in San Juan.

They are compact, act as a squeegee, and are basically sand-proof. If you are visiting Puerto Rico during the winter months, you might even want to consider a light jacket, especially in the mountain area. If you’re staying close to your accommodations, walking is easiest but bicycles are also common and can often be rented. Puerto Rico is part of the United States, but its climate is that of the Caribbean! It’s home to colorful rainforests, historic cities, dreamy beaches and much more.