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Aloe Vera lotion – In case you took your tanning a step too far. Believe me, it’s not a pretty sensation, especially if on your back. Suntan lotion– Well, if you’re into getting really tanned, this will just speedup the process. No matter where you go in the world, the annoying mosquitoes will be there, and Puerto Rico is no exception, so bring some repellant. Mosquitoes are super annoying and can also carry diseases. There are many mosquito-repelling options available, including mosquito wristbands and DEET sprays.

I always bring my Birkenstock sandals because I find they are the most comfortable for a lot of walking. I usually pack 2-3 skirts with me to throw on over my shorts for a photo lol, but you can wear them all day! I would add at least 1-2 summer dresses to your Puerto Rico packing list. I’ve found they are also pretty well made and some of the best sweaters I have now. How much you pack really depends on how many days you are staying, so we are going to start with the essential things you should consider packing for your Puerto Rico vacation.

Poncho – Even if you are not traveling to Puerto Rico in the traditional rainy season, there is always a chance you will experience some random island rain. Temperatures will remain warm, so a plastic poncho will do to keep you dry. Best of all, they are small enough so you can keep it in your day pack, so it will be easy to have something on you to keep you out of the rain. Below you’ll find a list of the toiletries and other essential items that you’ll want to bring with you on your trip to Puerto Rico. I recommend buying some reusable TSA approved bottles to pack your favorite items.

This means that sun safety is crucial, and a rash guard will go a long way toward keeping you safe from excess UV exposure. While you’re out and about boating, hiking, or strolling the beach, there’s a chance your camera or phone may be dropped into water of some kind. Electronics aren’t known for their ability to float, so it’s a good idea to attach a flotation device to them just in case. You’re definitely going to want to pack adaypackfor Puerto Rico.

The Heeta waterproof bag gets made of a resistant material with seamless technology to keep the water out. When packing toiletries, try to remember, you’re going to Puerto Rico, part of the U.S. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant are readily available. Focus on items that you simply cannot live topless beaches in barcelona without or those that can be used in more than one way. For example, you can use a small bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and to hand-launder clothing. Still, tuck a few over-the-counter remedies for headaches, digestive distress and motion sickness into your bag.