Production in India ended in November 2018, together with the Abarth and Adventure versions. As a result, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided to withdraw the Fiat brand from the Indian market, leaving space to the brand of Jeep. The new Punto also became the first Fiat in decades to carry the original round Fiat badge to celebrate Fiat’s centenary. Internally codenamed Project 176, the Punto was announced in September 1993, as a replacement for the aging Fiat Uno, and launched at the end of 1993 or the beginning of 1994, depending on the market. The Fiat Punto was voted European Car of the Year for 1995, defeating rival Volkswagen Polo by only 78 points. The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment.

It has been available with the 1.2 litre petrol engine and later, also with the 1.3 litre diesel engine, the version of 2013 featured a newer, more modern engine. The second generation Punto codenamed Project 188, was launched in September 1999 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The styling was all-new while retaining the original Punto’s distinctive shape and design, while the chassis and interior were completely overhauled, with a new torsion beam rear suspension. Available in both ELX and SX trim, initially powered by the 90 hp 1.6 Mpi unit (replaced in 1995 by the 86 hp 1.2 litre 16v unit FIRE). Approximately 55,000 cars were built between April 1994 and June 1999, although the last cars were registered in 2000.

That along with the exceptional handling makes the Abarth Punto a proper hot hatch and totally worth the wait. However, there are certain things missing in the car and the Italian carmaker could have made it a complete package by adding parking sensors, power foldable ORVMs, touch screen, etc. People expect such features by spending a premium for a special car over their regular counterparts.

The unique styling is such that you won’t think of doing an aftermarket job on the exteriors. The engine never gives up delivering strong power and the crisp handling makes sure you feel confident all the time. Safety and After Sales Service – The Abarth Punto is offered in a single variant that comes standard with safety features including ABS, strike zone wiffle ball EBD, dual front airbags, seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters. The Punto was always praised for its strong build and structural strength and hence is one of the safest hatchbacks in India. The Abarth Punto is available in over 100 dealerships across India and there are 125 service outlets currently, which Fiat plans to grow further.

In June 2016, Fiat introduced the new Techno Pack with the 5” touchscreen infotainment system and cruise control. Production of the Punto ended on 7 August 2018, with no direct successor being announced. However, it continued to sell in India for an additional two more months before production ended in October of that year. Initially the Abarth Grande Punto was released with a 150 PS 1.4 turbo engine, but from 2008, there was available an Essesse kit, which could be installed at official Abarth service centres rather than in the factory.

It is four-wheel drive and powered by a 2.0 L 16 valve engine capable of producing 280 hp . Also, a turbodiesel front wheel drive rally car has been produced, the Fiat Grande Punto R3D. Abarth Punto is a challenging masterpiece that stands tall and has no categorical match elsewhere. It is the first mainstream hatchback to enter India that has cracked the 10 second barrier and has emerged to be one of the fastest sprinters on the road. At 145 hp , an acceleration range between km/h is achievable in only 8.8 seconds!

It also ensures a strong grip on the road with the dynamism you’d expect from such racing pedigree. Calling someone a puto, whether in a Spanish or mixed English–Spanish contexts, is very offensive. Usingputo to call someone “weak” is also offensive, because it denigrates people who are gay by comparison. This pejorative connotation is why members of the Spanish-speaking gay community in the United States and Mexico have advocated for people to stop using the word, especially at soccer games. The Punto has always been popular with amateur racing drivers due to its low cost and the wide availability of spare parts. Numerous competition and homologated versions of the Punto have been produced, such as the Punto Rally, the S1600, and the Punto Abarth.

The new Fiat Punto Evo petrol starts at a competitive Rs 4.55 lakh and goes up to Rs 6.66 lakh for the top-spec variant that also packs a more powerful 1.4-litre engine (in place of the 1.2-litre motor). The diesel Punto starts at Rs 5.27 lakh and goes up to a Rs 7.2 lakh for the more powerful 89bhp Sport trim. While the top-trims may look a bit on the pricier side, the Punto Evo’s stylish design does well to justify the price tag.