Qwinn1 forktools: Several command line tools to greatly simplify CLI maintenance of one or many forks of Chia crypto coins

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All configuration options have been moved out of forktoolsinit.sh and into sub-includes named config.forkstartall, config.forkaddplotdirs, etc. For your own convenience, please preserve your settings when updating for transfer to the new config file structure. Forkfixconfig now supports setting enable_upnp and the two new db_sync parameters recently added by Chia. Like all other parameters, this can be set by a fork-specific config override if desired. Forkaddplotdirs taco – Requires configuration in config.forkaddplotdirs to use.

No, you made an search and assumed everything within that belongs to the project. What other designation do you suggest for your Guinea Pigs? Especially when the only source of information on your multiple projects does not give any answers to the questions asked in order to give them better understanding.

Forkaddplotdirs will now show warnings if a drive specified in config.forkaddplotdirs is not mounted. Forkstart all can now take a -s # switch, where # is the number of seconds to sleep in between starting each fork. Good for if it’s been a while since you ran your forks and they’ll need to resync, or for weaker CPUs that have trouble starting that many processes consecutively without a pause. If a newly installed fork is still below height 500, accurate ETW calculations aren’t possible.

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All hardcoded references to specific forks in forktools code have been removed. Also compares the target setting in config.yaml to the RPC call for the same value, and gives a big warning if they don’t match. It’s not typical for forks of a project to undergo a security audit. Not for monero forks, and not for chia forks that I’ve encountered over the years.

Effort% will in that case be calculated from the date of the first successful harvest in the earliest log (so, assuming you haven’t deleted logs, from when you started farming the fork). All tools now print the datetime it was initiated as the first line of output. Such as a specific date range or only the previous X days worth of log entries. When this happens, rewards actually go to the target address reported by the farmer RPC call. Now the site has discounts from 30 to 40 percent. Such a lucrative offer was explicitly designed for new entrants to afford to enter the field during the cryptocurrency boom.

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