Real-life Minecraft landscape job is getting tonnes of applications from children

The floor alternates between coarse sand, wooden planks, and dirt—giving a sporadic and authentic feel to the garden. A little roofed area rounds the build off, giving unimportant productions coming home wanderers and guests a place to rest after trekking under the scorching sun. A massive shattered savanna biome with a bizarre rock formation and a village.

Specifically, I need at least 239 blocks by 239 blocks of flat terrain . Applications are being accepted at “Consultants will be able to lend their expertise for achieving gardening excellence while sticking to the player’s Minecoin budget (in-game currency),” the company said. Other than that, the ground is shaped pretty much the same way, but mainly the trees are different. I do hope that I will continue to get better with this style, just have not figured out how. You can view other guides and various Minecraft articles in the hub for the game below.

Mixed in with the adults, however, would appear to be a large number of children. One commenter claims to be a 14-year-old “who has built many cities,” and is also “very friendly.” Another says they’ve been playing Minecraft “everyday since I was 7” – quite the achievement for a ten-year-old. If you’re finding it too difficult to flatten land manually, mods like the RFTools “Builder” machine can be used to remove blocks. Using mods is a comfortable middle ground between “cheating” like using commands to clear areas and clearing the entire area by hand.

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The company also wants someone who can easily demonstrate a bit of creativity and flexibility. It would also be helpful if any applicant has a firm grasp of real-world gardening and landscaping, according to the listing. Those who might be interested in the job can take heart that they don’t need to be located in the UK. Because WhatShed understands that work can be done inside Minecraft from anywhere in the world, whoever gets a virtual landscaping job can work remotely. The company recently posted an ad on its site saying it’s looking for several virtual landscape gardeners.