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Sarah also occasionally steps out of the studio to do other notable assignments. The couple is now head over heels in love and traveled all the locations where the Game of Thrones was filmed. Not to mention, their wedding was an extravagant affair.

Sarah has traveled to various places including New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Africa, among many others. Besides that, she is fluent in Arabic and is also learning Spanish. In addition, she is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. She also loves spending time with her family and most especially her Russian Tortoise named Speedy. News AnchorJyoti Taneja Bhasin comes from Yamunanagar, Haryana.

She has covered the aftermath of the deadliest earthquake Haiti and Hurricane Gustav. Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Gustav are other natural hazards that the brilliant reporter has tackled. One of the most common reasons people get divorced is due to the fact that they are getting too involved with someone else.

The fact that Sarah had a very public affair with her ex-husband isn’t what is important here. What is important is that she still wants to be with him. The fact that she can’t get her ex-husband to change his mind isn’t what is important here. Sarah forgany is just trying to get her ex to change his mind so that he will leave her. Another fact that one can decipher about the couple is that Jesse is a very romantic guy who went all out during the engagement.

Sarah Forgany is a Texas based journalist who works for the KENS 5 news station. Aside from her career and cycling, Finney has a love that really has her heart. caitriona balfe divorce Furthermore, Forgany has covered reports like the earthquake in Hitit, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, like reporters Michelle Kosinski and Jim Cantore.

Sarah is also fluent in Arabic and a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalist. Later she moved to Houston, Texas and grew up there along with her parents and sister. There is not much information about her early days, parents, and siblings as well. Therefore, in an interview, she had said that she has a special bond with her mother. I think this is part of why so many people get divorced.

Back then, she was learning different things such as production and editing as well as reporting and anchoring. She landed her first journalistic gig at News24Houston and later joined an ABC affiliate station KTRK. The reporter has climbed through the ranks, establishing himself as one of the most competent journalists in America. During her career, Sarah Forgany has visited more than 25 countries to collect reports and tell various national and foreign stories, including the catastrophic Haiti earthquake.