Save, Shop, Earn

Why not download a free copy of the first chapter of her book The Savvy Shopaholic and see what all the fuss is about? Just register for our Savvy News above and the free chapter will be emailed to you. With a little savvy shopping you soon learn that some items are great value but there are many that are not. I love it even more when I can get that expensive Luxe look for less. There are so many fabulous homeware stores to shop, both online and locally there is no excuse to let the end-of-winter blues get you down.

I unpacked my five suitcases and then realized that I had nothing to sleep on because my furniture hadn’t arrived yet. So in my little bed nook area, I piled up some of my clothes and made a bed. I laid down, covered myself up 310-341-4231 with some more of my clothes, and tried to get comfortable. I was so excited to be there that I didn’t care how hard the floor was beneath me. I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep. Sam asked me if I had luck finding a lock.

My advice is get something universal. At you can buy a virtual Mastercard which can be used anywhere Mastercard/Visa is accepted. Take advantage of purchasing eGift cards or experiences by instantly and electronically sending the gift to your gift recipient. Gone are the days when designer inspiration cost a bundle and the thought of making over your living area or bedroom made your piggybank frown. With just a little planning and of course, knowing the right place to shop, you can have all of the colour and energy of spring to enliven any room in your home.

I couldn’t cook because I didn’t have any of my pots or pans because the moving company lost my furniture, even though they think they might have found it. So I decided to order in from this cute little Italian place that I saw across the street. As I walked down the street, I looked into all the fancy buildings. Some of the lobbies were really nice. I decided to hide my suitcases in the closets and venture out to the hardware store.

I believe that this is one of the driving forces behind the shopping habits of many elders. The ability to handle one’s own money is a hallmark of maturity and power. If advancing age or disease takes away some of a senior’s independence, they are apt to try to make up for this loss in another areas. Like driving, spending is one of those actions that can help them reclaim that sense of autonomy. It can also function like a drug to cover up the fear and insecurity surrounding those losses. Dementia patients eventually lose the ability to manage their finances responsibly and understand the consequences of their spending.

For example, some businesses use predatory tactics to sell magazine subscriptions with ridiculous terms to seniors. My mother fell into one of these traps. She loved her magazines and had been receiving several publications since I was a child.