Shock Doctor Ultra 2 0 Neckguard Youth and Junior Sizes

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Another game with the word if you say something in shock doctor ultra 2. The Shock Doctor Ultra 2.0 Neck Guard is anatomically designed and created with the ultimate athletic protection in mind. Large bore solenoids were plumbed to rapidly charge the air cylinder from the pressurized volume in the air tank reservoir.

Both samples of regular size skate armor neck guard protected the foam. The potential of damage increased with increasing force and was higher for the 45-degree angle than the 90-degree angle . Additionally, risk of damage to the neck guard was dependent on the neck guard being tested . For example, the Nike Bauer NTP Sr., CCM, and Easton NG had no damage to the neck guard for any tests, whereas the Bauer Integrated shirt was damaged 13 of 18 times tested.

Only 1 product, the Bauer N7 Nectech, failed during the 300-N compression tests. All of the neck guards failed during 600-N test condition except for the Skate Armor device and 1 of the 3 Reebok 11K devices. Integrated cut resistant neck guard with easy on and off hook and loop closure provides compression, comfort and protection. Most neck guards withstood lacerations at loads of 300 N or less, but failed when initial loads of 600 N were applied. The Bauer N7 Nectech was the only neck guard that failed to protect at 300 N. This may be due to the material used for the protective outer layer, stated as “nylon” on the Bauer Web site with no other details provided.

The Skate Armor neck guard was the only neck guard that incorporated Spectra Guard as its protective inner fabric . Failed means that the neck protector did not prevent damage to the underlying foam. Damaged means that a laceration appeared in the outer fabric of the neck protector. In the failed column, the first number is the number of neck guards that failed to protect foam from laceration, and the second number is the number of neck guards tested. In the damaged column, the first number is the number of neck guards to sustain device injury, and the second number is the number of neck guards tested.

A custom-made laceration machine using a hockey skate blade and a neck surrogate was developed to evaluate the effectiveness of commercially available neck guards. Skate Armor neck guards had highest cut resistance, and the Bauer N7 Nectech had the lowest cut resistance. The neck guards that used Spectra Guard or 2 layers of Kevlar were found to be the most cut resistant.

Neck guards were chosen based on commercial availability, as they were ones that hockey players would be able to purchase in a sporting goods store or online. The sample sizes for each neck guard brand or type tested reflect a limited number of certain brands that were available. For products in which the design was incorporated into a shirt, the relevant neck portion was isolated for laceration testing. Neck guards are worn with the expectation that they will prevent a laceration by providing an adequate barrier between the neck and the errant skate blade. Device design characteristics provide a cut-resistant material that covers the vulnerable structures in the neck while maintaining an acceptable level of comfort for the player. Currently, several neck guards are marketed for ice hockey,2 but no published data exist on their effectiveness.

Shock Doctor carries a variety of Hockey Jocks in both compression and loose fitting designs in addition to simple supporters and replacement cups when needed. Check out your options below including jocks that offer additional “Impact” protection around the thigh’s, hips and tailbone area. Integrated into the end of the sleeve is a special retention wrap that folds back over your elbow pad, locking and holding your pad in place all game long. Strategic cut protection to the neck area significantly reduces the risk of direct laceration injuries. We will match or beat any posted overall price advertised in-store or online on in stock items. All of the products we carry are from the top name brands in the industry and come with a full manufacturer warranty covering any and all product defects.