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Well Alduin was using those Human souls to restore his power, so definately he can mix Human and Dragon souls, but it might just be him and only in SovnGarde. Paarthurnax was pretty clear that the very concepts behind the words were foreign to dragons, so it was impossible for him to teach it. I’ll concede the point for the moment, but, I’m not so sure. 2) Alduin was what ended the kalpas before; that was his primary reason for existence.

But the stranger in black that has come to serve her has left her confused, and more curious than ever of his origin. While the others are content to give the frightening warrior some space, Bri is hell bent on discovering who Alduin is. Daenerys has met up with drogon and is feeling a surge in the size of her dragons. Serana sighs as she hears of shiva prepping to leave Tamriel at hands of his children, wives and familiars. She decides to follow him to Atmora in pretense of exploring new land.

It still implies something dark and worrying about Akatosh/Auriel and possibly the other Aedra as well. Alduin was what caused kalpas to end before, but since he abandoned his duties , he has become weak . Tamriel, then, has actually existed far past what it was ever supposed to.

Instead, Alduin explodes after yelling words in the dragon language that, when translated, indicate his defiant refusal to believe he can truly be slain. Upon awakening from the vision, Paarthurnax will say that he hopes the vision told the Dragonborn what he needed to know because Alduin has arrived. Alduin taunts the Dragonborn corn hole beanbags that their time is up and once he kills them, their soul will feed his hunger in Sovngarde, only for Paarthurnax to retort that he is too late. The two brothers exchange words as they engage in battle in the skies. Alduin will start the battle by roaring and summoning a storm that rains meteors down from the sky.

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However, there are plenty of unique, talented voices behind some of the game’s characters, including Alduin. Time is a cycle in The Elder Scrollsfranchise, and Alduin is a part of that cycle. While he’s feared as a world-ending being, that’s simply part of his nature, and he’s done it before. The Nirn that players adventure in throughout the Elder Scrolls games is actually the latest of many.