Smiterino: League of Legends Smite Trainer

However, warders tend to place their wards in predictable places. Such as the corners next to the blue buff, or in the crossroads next to the mid camps. Your skill and your mid’s skill, you and your allies’ health and mana level, possible reinforcements, god combinations and synergy, are all factors to take in. This is the warding you should do when pushing a tower, stealing buff camps, and for wasting the enemy’s time.

The spell places a buff on the Oracle that reduces incoming damage from all sources by 40% for 5s. Defeating it grants 34.5 (+1.5) gold and 49 (+9) experience. If a team defeats both Oracles, they will be granted vision of the Gold Fury pit for 90s. Conquest has its jungle divided in two halves, one on either side of the middle lane.

Next, you need to build on the abilities of your chosen God and create a winning tactic. At the same time, don’t forget about the importance of ganking. This is the most important tool for putting pressure on the opposing team.

More so, she is one of the only supports that can heal and damage, while proving help to remnants of the Dive meta that has dictated most of Season 8. Persephone – she has been one of the strongest mids for a long time. Due to her better consistency and more modern kit, Persephone remains a rather strong God for all elos of play, albeit, slightly weaker than before. Furthermore, her recent rework makes her a lot less frustrating to play with and against. Either way, it is a great result for the once frustratingly broken God.

Junglers need to focus on maintaining their speed, and thankfully Centaurs (the yellow fast-forward icon) can help them achieve the Speed Buff. Accessible Centaurs appear near the team’s base, making them handy resources for the useful Speed Buff. Junglers should take note of the Centaur’s Spear Thrust, as it can deal thrice its basic attack damage to targets within a straight line. In turn, Junglers can easily dodge the Centaur’s heavy attacks by attacking while moving around them. The Carry Role or the ADC (Attack-Damage-Carry) specializes in dealing high amounts of base damage without relying too much on buffs or other tools. Unlike other Roles, Carries can easily devastate team fights with high damage output and often punish the enemy when they get the first shot.

You can see ganks coming from a mile away, make it harder for enemy invasions, and is simply less risky. They help you respond to an invasion attempt, they help you react to a sudden grouping of the enemy team, or any sudden rotations. Yes, it’s risky, but this item is simply way too good for you to pick anything else.

Either way, what you pick as a jungler will decide the pace of the game and may ultimately decide the outcome of the game. Grants +4 Mana healed per second and 10% cooldown reduction. Each time you hit an enemy God with an ability you regain 2% of your missing Mana.

But, saying that, Danza dishes out too much damage and the kit is incredibly strong. While not picked in the SPL, he can still dominate Ranked and other game modes. With some of the new items in place, several hunters are now feeling stronger.

He protects his teammates whenever the need arises, either by warding, attacking, or even dying, making sure they don’t die. If you still have any questions about jungling after reading this, give this guide a downvote and put down what wasn’t answered. Yes, any god can jungle and it always comes down to what you’re comfortable with. Warriors don’t tend to work either ariat fat babys as they don’t have the damage that assassins do, but like Guardians can bring more to a fight later on. Freya and Ao Kuang are both mages that probably do better in jungle than anywhere else. In the app there is also a menu that allows you to access the pages of the Smite Counter Picks site where there are the counters for all the gods released until today.

And of course, Jungler ganks enemy Gods to give his team an advantage. I have told the solo laner to ward but he forgets it a lot of times. Bur now I know warding is also a junglers job thanks for that sir. Sobek – The Nile God is good at displacement, has strong knockbacks to peel for his carries. Furthermore, Sobek is one of the few Gods with Anti Healing built into his kit. Combine this with Season 8 nerfs to anti healing items, and Sobek’s draft priority goes even higher against most meta Supports and Solo Lane Warriors.