Sprint com myorder down ??? : Sprint

Do not try them and if you do do not buy it will be worked out in 3 months it never gets worked out and only gets wore. And as for their buy back try ebay you will get more back with less far less hassel. This concept no longer makes any sense to me, but I’m defeated at this point. Finally the modems are charged, and I get sent a confirmation email from Sprint for the new order.

WVRF-Waive Restocking Fee Used when processing a R&E , 14 days, without charging restocking fee-defective scenario or UPG non active. Buy Backs- Cust want to exchange phone, but is over the 14 day period/ Unfortunately cx can’t R&E. However, they can do a Buy Back if they want to, for a fee. Cancellation / Early Termination fee may apply. § Profile TAB- ASL- cx has spending limit blocked, if the ASL is checked probably cust does not qualify for spending limit or requested the NON-BTA (Non-Bill to Account) option.

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