The Cambridge Chronicle 2 June 1906 Cambridge Public Library’s Historic Cambridge Newspaper Collection

JM, as a certified quidnunc, is constantly asking ‘what now? Here was that quintessence of Dublin, the epitome of the quidnunc, that quarter-moon, man-in-the-moon face, with the chin jutting to meet the nose and the mouth slanting some neat aperçu to its neighbor, cheekiest face in Europe, and the nosiest. Help support Wordnik (and make this page ad-free) by adopting the word quidnunc. Quod erat faciendum (Q.E.F.)which was to be doneOr “which was to be constructed”. Used in translations of Euclid’s Elements when there was nothing to prove, but there was something being constructed, for example a triangle with the same size as a given line. Quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)what was to be demonstratedThe abbreviation is often written at the bottom of a mathematical proof.

Subsequently the future of the Club was assured as first Jack Davies and then Freddie Brown took on the Presidency in the following decade. In turn they have been succeeded in 1982 by Hubert Doggart and there are now two regular fixtures each season. These include two one day games – against the University at Fenner’s and against the Harlequins at Teddington CC. In the 1960’s under the guidance of President Spencer Block and then S.C. ‘Billy’ Griffith, backed by an active committee, the Club began once again to represent that link with Varsity cricket envisaged over 100 years earlier.

Generally interpreted to mean that that which motivates or drives a person can consume him or her from within. This phrase has become a popular slogan or motto for pro-ana websites, anorexics and bulimics. Iovi is the dative form of Iuppiter (“Jupiter” or “Jove”), the chief god of the Romans. Quod cito fit, cito peritwhat is done quickly, perishes quicklyThings done in a hurry are more likely to fail and fail quicker than those done with care. Qui docet in doctrinahe that teacheth, on teachingMotto of the University of Chester. A less literal translation is “Let those who teach, teach” or “Let the teacher teach”.

Nevertheless it is known that the Club was formed in 1851 by a group of Cambridge under-graduates from Trinity College – reputedly R.T. Originally the Club was conceived to provide continuity of association both on and off the field for both Blues and near Blues after they had gone down. At first the Club was limited to 25 resident members, all leading cricketers in the University, but it was soon apparent that the award of a Blue was not necessarily a passport to membership. Qualities other than cricket ability seemed to be required and no-one was elected until after his first year. QUID NUNC has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 8 charter guests in 4 suites.

Most critiques of edificatory perfectionism concentrate on the detrimental effects that will be undergone by the people whose lives the edificatory perfectionists are seeking to improve. Chapter 6 shifts the focus to the officials who formulate and implement the policies that produce such effects. On the one hand, Rawlsians and other contractualists quite rightly demur at the disrespect that is shown by edificatory perfectionists toward the putative beneficiaries of the measures which the perfectionists advocate. botox charting sheet On the other hand, the contractualists largely neglect to take account of the ways in which the edificatory-perfectionist measures degrade the whole system of governance wherein they occur. Chapter 6 highlights that degradingness as it draws attention to the quidnunc mentality that is evinced by the officials who adopt and administer the laws for which the edificatory perfectionists have called. Section 1 explains what Kramer means by the quidnunc mentality and why he considers such a mentality objectionable.

Quod vide (q.v.)which seeUsed after a term, phrase, or topic that should be looked up elsewhere in the current document, book, etc. For more than one term or phrase, the plural is quae vide (qq.v.). Quod natura non dat Salmantica non praestatwhat nature does not give, Salamanca does not provideRefers to the Spanish University of Salamanca, meaning that education cannot substitute the lack of brains. Quod me nutrit me destruitwhat nourishes me destroys meThought to have originated with Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe.