The Most Popular Crochet Hook Size: Which to Buy First?

There are actually times when you may choose to crochet with a larger hook. Especially if you tend to crochet tightly, it may be necessary to use a larger hook in order to get the correct gauge. One of the essential tools to create anything with crochet is, of course, your crochet hook. Understanding crochet hook sizes is an important skill to obtain however, this can be a little confusing because different countries have different names for each size of hook.

Ahead, learn about their distinguishing features as well as the pros and cons of crochet hooks in diverse sizes, materials, shapes, and designs. Just to confuse things, there are several different size systems. Some use letters, others numbers, others metric measurements. However, one thing that all crochet hook sizes have in common is that they measure the diameter of the hook’s shaft. K is the biggest crochet hook size on our list and much less commonly used than the rest of the hook sizes. You’ll use either a bulkier yarn weight or you’ll have a more open weave in your crochet patterns with the K hook.

A medium-sized hook such as a 5mm Size H is a really great choice to start with for complete beginners, and that is the one I have chosen to review here. Using a different size hook to adjust sizing works with mittens (orcameral lens covers!) but not with more complex things like sweaters. However, you may encounter a few particular instances when changing your hook size from what the pattern specifies is okay or good. Slide your hook into one of the tool’s holes until you find one that fits tightly. Bamboo hooks have all the same benefits and pitfalls as wood. However, their friction will lessen as you use them, allowing you to crochet faster.

These steel hooks have a different numbering system than regular hooks. There are many other styles of hooks out there you might like, so be sure to experiment with lots of different ones. You can find wooden crochet hooks, plastic hooks, bamboo hooks and more. Hooks come in both US sizes with crochet striped blanket pattern the letters and also metric crochet hook sizes. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about crochet hook size here! First let’s learn about crochet hook size basics and how to convert from US sizes to metric units, including a handy crochet hook size conversion chart.

The stitches are not as tiny as those made with thread hooks or as bulky and loose when using the large plastic hooks. Finished ProductWhen choosing your crochet hook size, it is also important that you know what your finished product should look like. If you use a small hook with thicker yarns, expect the resulting crochet fabric to be more rigid with smaller spaces in between stitches. Amigurumi projects are common examples of crochet projects with a very tight finish. If you crochet with bigger crochet hook sizes it just means your work will be looser with larger holes.